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  • Sirvintos (7)
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  • Pakruojis (4)
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  • Vidzeme (29)
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  • Riga (62)
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  • Ķekava (5)
  • Skrunda (5)
  • Cēsis (5)
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  • Rapla County (4)
  • Tartu County (4)
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  • Pärnu County (2)
  • Valga County (1)
  • Ida-Viru County (1)
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  • Tallinn (11)
  • Rapla (4)
  • Tartu (2)
  • Kuressaare (2)
  • Pärnu (2)
  • Rakvere (1)
  • Kohtla (1)
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  • Rummu (1)
  • Viljandi (1)
  • Kõrkvere (1)
  • Käsmu (1)
  • Saue (1)


There are 587 products.
  • 23,98 € 27,20 € -12%

    23,98 € 27,20 € -12%

    International Tourism Group Trakai person time 45 minutes.
  • 60,00 €

    Vilnius TV tower and legendary "Paukščių takas" is the place close to heaven! Spend a romantic evening with your loved one enjoying spectacular sunset and unique panorama of the city or charming night city lights. During the evening you will taste fantastic fish soup, visitor's favorite beef steak, homemade blueberry sorbet balls, handmade truffles,...

    60 - 66 €

    Televizijos bokštas Vilnius person time Unlimited
  • 60,00 € 70,00 € -14%

    60,00 € 70,00 € -14%

    Gradiali Anykščiai Anyksciai person time 1
  • 39,00 €

    In homestead "Karpynė" fishermen will be able not only rest, but have an opportunity to catch a great fish. Hopefully you can catch up to 18 kg weighing fish. You can take up to 8 kg of fish, and if you wish up to 2 kg will be prepared or smoked. It is allowed to take an extra person, however, he will not be allowed to fish.

    39 - 45 €

    Karpynė Raseiniai person time Pasirinkta trukmė
  • 129,00 €

    parachute jump from 4,000 meters; 45-60 seconds of free fall; jump together with instuctor; 20 min of instructions. IMPORTANT! The service is available to persons from 14 years. The service is available to persons up to 120 kg. People younger than 18 years should have parents' permission.

    129,00 €

    Kauno parašiutininkų klubas Kaunas person time Free fall 45-60 s., getting...
  • 30,00 €

    Buggy is created for those, who want to have fun entertainment, stay in the wild, have a break from the daily worries, mingle with the roaring buggy engine sound and experience new sensations. This is powerful, able to reach up to 80 km/h speed and maneuver vehicle. During safari time you will be accompanied by professionals, who will help you to...

    30 - 55 €

    Buggy Go Vilnius person
  • 22,88 €

    LITHUANIAN ETHNOCOSMOLOGY MUSEUM shows 5 different night sky objects (the Moon, the planets, the stars in their pairs, the swarms, nebula of the galaxy). The guide aims the telescope, presents the observed objects. This is a unique observation, a real glimpse into the stars, helps to feel the vast distances of the Universe.

    22,88 €

    Lietuvos Etnokosmologijos Muziejus Moletai person time 1 hour 30 min.
  • 89,50 € 108,00 € -17%

    Run away from the buzz of the city to relax in the rural tourism homestead "Karpynė", where you can enjoy each other, stare at romantic views through the window, walk the winding paths around the homestead and look at the dancing carps in ponds.The cozy restaurant and the courteous and attentive service will leave pleasant memories in Your mind. With this...

    89,50 € 108,00 € -17%

    Karpynė Raseiniai person time 1
  • 19,99 €

    This is a fun and active way to spend time in nature. All club horses are trained and obedient, so even for those who ride for the first time won't be any problem in dealing with horse. You will ride in beautiful surroundings of Niūronai, forests and valleys, paths near the river, You can enjoy the nature and stop for a rest. The time You are riding,...

    19,99 €

    Origonas Anyksciai person time About 1 hour
  • 35,00 € 50,00 € -30%

    Mėgstate ant griliaus keptą maistą, smagią draugų kompaniją ir puikius gamtos vaizdus? Mes siūlome Jums išbandyti Lietuvoje dar nematytą paslaugą „BBQ plaustus“! Praleiskite smagiai laiką pasiplaukiodami Galvės ežere ir besigrožėdami vaizdais skanaukite savo paruoštais gardžiais kepsniais.

    35 - 84 € 50,00 € -30%

    BBQ laivas Trakai person
  • 26,00 € 35,32 € -26%

    "International tourism group" says, that the city of Trakai magically charms everyone who visits it. With this offer you will receive 2 hours 30 min term visit to the water park „Trasalis Trakai Resort & SPA“. In this place you will enjoy jacuzzi, 4 different saunas, water cascades and winding pool. After a relaxing aqua entertainment you will enjoy...

    26,00 € 35,32 € -26%

    International Tourism Group Trakai person time Water entertainment take 2...
  • 49,00 € 91,00 € -46%

    1 night in a restored XIX century Neo-Gothic style Vežiminės hotel in double room; brunch in restaurant; 1 hour visit in "Mini SPA" (sauna and jacuzzi); herbal tea; visit to manor garden and deer feeding with a special package of bread; visit to library, where ancient books are stored; secure parking place; free internet.

    49,00 € 91,00 € -46%

    Bistrampolio dvaras Panevezys person time 1
  • 119,00 € 210,00 € -43%
  • 16,00 € 57,92 € -72%

    Shooting range, located in Vilnius invites you to try your eye accuracy and the strength of your hand while shooting. You'll be supervised by the multiple champion of Lithuanian shooting championship. During the entertainment, every participant will be shooting with three different weapons (3 shots each).

    16,00 € 57,92 € -72%

    GSKA Vilnius person time 30 minutes
  • 89,00 €

    89 - 129 €

    Vytautas Mineral SPA Birstonas person time 1
  • 34,00 €

    Sailing on yacht in the Kuršių lagoon will leave a long-lasting impression and give a lot of good emotions. Trip will start in the Pilies yacht harbor, you will sail on yacht "Rėja". Captain of the yacht will show you the Kuršių lagoon, and you will enjoy and admire the colorful landscapes.

    34,00 €

    Vakario klubas Klaipeda person time 3 hours
  • 130,00 €

    130,00 €

    Klaipėdos parašiutininkai Klaipeda person time Theory 20 min., free fall...
  • 100,00 € 130,00 € -23%

    2 romantic nights in "Ežero viloje" for two; delicious breakfast; 1 romantic dinner (appetizer, main dish, dessert).

    100,00 € 130,00 € -23%

    Gradiali Anykščiai Anyksciai person time 2
  • 39,99 €

    39,99 €

    SIDE to SIDE Drift Team Vilnius,Kaunas,Kedainiai person time 10-20 min.
  • 79,00 € 135,00 € -41%
  • 62,00 € 124,00 € -50%

    With this proposal you will get: 1 night in a double room; buffet breakfast in Central restaurant; The SPA centre from 8 pm. – 11 hours.: sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi; dinner at the hotel Central restaurant; wireless internet connection in the room; parking lot

    62,00 € 124,00 € -50%

    Best Baltic Central Druskininkai person time 1
  • 32,00 €

    During this fun time you have an opportunity to see, hear, touch, smell and even taste. Fun participants feel like going back to the past, see farm work, manor lords routine, horses appearance and Jacques perfume world surprises them. Guest's mood will be fueled by a brewer and his story and regale. Fun participants will be amazed by blacksmith...

    32,00 €

    Pakruojo dvaras Pakruojis person time 5 h
  • 35,00 €

    Yacht sailing around Kaunas lagoon – a great way to spend your leisure time, especially if your a peaceful type of person. You'll be able to enjoy the coastal views, the famous Pažaislis monastery and especially the enjoyment of being afloat. You can choose sailing or yachting, depending on the weather.

    35,00 €

    Colibri sailing team Kaunas person time 1 hour
  • 14,00 € 18,00 € -22%

    During this massage, the whole body will be effected. You'll feel the relaxation for the whole therapy. This massage positively effects the muscles, nerves, blood flow and even your mental state. Run away from your every day troubles and enjoy the entertainment which is not only pleasant, but good for you health too.

    14,00 € 18,00 € -22%

    Terapika Kaunas person time 45 min.
  • 130,00 €

    The Tandem parachute jump with an instructor is the easiest way to experience free fall feeling. You will need to listen to only 10 minutes long instruction, during which you will learn how to behave on a plane, as from his jump out and as soon as engage in freely falling and spreading parachute. You will jump from 3000m height. The instructor will take...

    130,00 €

    Vilniaus parašiutininkų klubas Vilnius person time Theory 10 min., free fall...
  • 99,00 €

    Hot air balloon flight is an unforgettable entertainment for a lifetime! To succeed in a smooth flight, you should be preceded by some preparation. Select an outfit that is comfortable, upper clothing with long sleeves, because early in the morning or in the evening can be chilly. Preparation for the flight will take about 10-20 min, the flight itself...

    99,00 €

    Oreiviai Audenis Birstonas person time About 1 hour 30 min
  • 98,00 € 135,83 € -28%

    The Hotel “Sofijos rezidencija“ invites for a nice, comfortable and luxurious stay. Hotel is located in Birstonas, which is known for its beautiful nature, healing sources, Vytautas The Great mound and the Nemunas river. Each of “Sofijos Residencija” room recalls the honorable noble Lithuanian family. Visit these rooms and find out what they were famous...

    98 - 117 € 135,83 € -28%

    Sofijos rezidencija Birstonas person time 1
  • 12,00 €

    12,00 €

    Motorsportas Anyksciai person time 10 min.
  • 59,99 € 76,40 € -21%

    45 min. excursion on boat „Nepažinti Trakai“ for 4 persons; Unlimited one-time visit the Dino entertainment park for 4 persons (life-size dinosaurs, graund ball, inflatable outdoor and indoor tampoline, carousel, train e.c.); Snaks in „Karališkoje Senojoje Kibininėje” - 2 kibinai and broth for each person.

    59,99 € 76,40 € -21%

    International Tourism Group Vilnius person time Boat trip- 45 minutes. Dino...
  • 79,00 €

    "Aeroteka" provides you with exclusive entertainment - to feel the joy of flying on a modern two-seater sports plane. Through the maneuverable plane windows opens a dreamlike Trakai castle and the beautiful surroundings that will catch your breath and charm you. You will have the opportunity to learn to pilot a plane. This 25-minute-long flight will help...

    79,00 €

    Vilniaus skraidymo mokykla Trakai person time 20-25 min.
  • 95,00 € 99,00 € -4%

    Dreaming of freedom of flight? Looking to Lithuania from high will leave a deep impressionon You! Only here you can feel pleasure and unforgettable experience! With this offer you get: -Preperation of the flight; -1 hour flight with hot air balloon; -Christening

    95 - 475 € 99,00 € -4%

    Skrydis oro balionu Kaunas,Birstonas person time duration ~3 hours, flight 1...
  • 45,00 €

    We invite you to a spectacular day trip by boat Venus to Juodkrante! The ship will leave 12 hrs., The trip will last 2 hours. Were filled and you will be able to freshen up the ship "Venus" in the bar! Juodkrantė reach 14 hours. and you will have 2 hours. walks! You will be able to visit the Hill of Witches, stone sculpture park, Cormorants, walk along...

    45,00 €

    Laivas Venus Klaipeda person time 6 h
  • 39,10 €

    Unique interior, cozy atmosphere, friendly staff - "Grand SPA Lietuva". It's a place for those who enjoy active and passive experiences. Everyone will find their inner elements in here: water, air, earth and fire. In the water park, you'll find everything. From the waterfalls area to the whirlpool baths, from the pool which mimics the sea waves to the...

    39,10 €

    Grand SPA Druskininkai person time Vienas neribotos trukmės...
  • 40,00 €

    You will get an unforgettable paragliding flight with an instructor and photo session. Rise into the air with a winch to 250-500 m height. Pilot will perform simple aerobatics tricks. Also, you will have the opportunity to try to manage wings with the maintenance of pilot and just admire the earth from a bird's eye. Take a picture with professional...

    40,00 €

    Skrydis parasparniu Vilnius,Trakai,Kaunas,Kl... person time 7-10 min.
  • 50,00 €

    Before dive You will lay out the basics of diving and given a short briefing. Under supervision of the instructor you do a few exercises in the water and dive into the depths of the lake. You to feel comfortable under the water, monitor and manage your equipment, so you don't have to do anything complex, only to swim, look around and admire the unique...

    50,00 €

    Nardymo akademija Plateliai person time 1 hour
  • 18,99 €

    Only You two, silence and kaya. Kayak's paddles cause the swell of the Neris and the music of water pervades the air... Only You two and views of evening Vilnius. Nondescript elevation feeling, unseen views and unforgetable memories during the kayaking through the night Vilnius. You must experience it.

    18,99 €

    Vilniaus baidarės Vilnius person time 1-2 hours
  • 21,00 €

    "SpeedWay" – try your luck with the all-new modern karts in the newest kart complex in Lithuania. Hop on into the 9AG powered kart and feel the adrenaline going through your veins. You'll have an opportunity to try out the new "SpeedWay" track and enjoy the 900 meters long road.

    21,00 €

    SpeedWay Elektrenai person time 10 min.
  • 50,00 €

    The riding takes place near the seaside and near it's beautiful nature. You'll have an opportunity to breath the fresh air of pines and explore the forests. The setting sun will create an unforgettable experience which will leave you speechless. Don't worry if its your first time, our professional instructors will supervise you.

    50,00 €

    Zigmo žirgai Palanga person time 1 hour
  • 40,00 €

    An unforgettable flight with paraglide with the instructor and the photo session are waiting for you. You will rise up to 250-500 m. height. The pilot will perform a simple acrobatic tricks. You will take pictures with a professional Go Pro equipment. Unforgettable impressions guaranteed!

    40,00 €

    Skrydis parasparniu Klaipeda person time 7-10 min.
  • 40,00 €

    Created for pilot training sailplane „Bergfalkė“ and experienced instructor will quickly take You up to 300 m height. You will feel the pressure of sudden rise and the moment of parting from a rope. You will enjoy the beauty of Minija and if weather conditions are good, you'll see the amazing Baltic sea. Under instructors supervision You'll get the...

    40,00 €

    Kartenos aerodromas Kretinga person time 7-15 min
  • 79,00 € 96,00 € -18%

    Recreation in Pakruojis manor for two will give you feeling that you are Mr. manor help to go back in time to the manor prosperity of the times. With this proposal you will receive 1 night in manor, tasting of Baron von Rop's Bitter, breakfast and 5 hours visit in "Living museum." So many incredible things in one place - this is rich and memorable stay!

    79,00 € 96,00 € -18%

    Pakruojo dvaras Pakruojis person time 1
  • 58,00 €

    An unforgettable flight with paraglide with the instructor are waiting for you. You will rise up to 300-500 m. height. The pilot will perform a simple acrobatic tricks. Also You will have the opportunity to try to control the wing with the pilot care or just observe land from a bird's eye view. Unforgettable impressions guaranteed!

    58,00 €

    Skrydis parasparniu Klaipeda person time 10-20 min.
  • 12,00 €

    RKV RACING team, striving to be the fastest – "go fast, go hard, go kart racing", invites You to race in Smalininkai kart track with the wind, friends or family members. Smalininkai kart track — the newest kart track in Lithuania. Here You can find the newest „Energy Spark"" recreational kart with excellent characteristics „Honda"" engines. You"ll get...

    12 - 24 €

    Smalininkų kartodromas Jurbarkas person time 10 min.
  • 29,00 €

    You will get an unforgettable paragliding flight with an instructor. Rise into the air with a winch to 250-500 m height and, together with the pilot, carry out simple aerobatics shapes , try to manage wings with the maintenance of pilot and just admire the earth from a bird's eye. Unforgettable experience guaranteed!

    29,00 €

    Skrydis parasparniu Trakai person time 5-10 min.
  • 10,00 €

    10,00 €

    Kalitos kalnas Anyksciai person time 6 rides (1 ride duration...
  • 69,99 €

    69,99 €

    Best Baltic Hotel Palanga Palanga person time 1
  • 65,00 €

    Hotel "Romantic" invites you to enjoy unique relax and romantic time. With this proposal you will receive 1 bed in a cozy room for two (economy class), abundant, nutritious and interesting breakfast, unlimited visit to a health center area (24.5-meter pool, two saunas, jacuzzi), Technogym equipment in fitness center, wireless internet in the room, late...

    65,00 €

    Romantic Panevezys person time 1
  • 65,00 €

    „ETNO-SPA“ - tai vienintelis lietuviškąsias tradicijas puoselėjantis SPA centras Lietuvoje! Jūsų laukia aromatinė vonia dviems žvakių šviesoje, 30 min. atpalaiduojantis viso kūno masažas, atpalaiduojantis poilsis žolelių lovoje, lininis chalatas ir frotinis rankšluostis, nervų sistemą raminanti jūros akmenukų terapija (vaikštant po centrą basomis),...

    65,00 €

    ETNO-SPA Panevezys person time 1 hour 30 min.
  • 30,00 €

    30 - 140 €

    Vandens pramogos Klaipėdoje Klaipeda person
  • 79,00 € 135,83 € -42%

    With this proposal you will get: 1 night in romantic room, breakfast ; 30 min. relaxing legs and waist area massages for both; 30 min. SPA beauty and wellness capsules procedure for two ; 30 min. relaxing, stimulating, relaxation massage for each; 1 hour riding bikes on the Birštonas environs; walking north sticks next to the park; access to the hotel's...

    79 - 98 € 135,83 € -42%

    Sofijos rezidencija Birstonas person time 1
  • 15,00 €

    In "Kinų rožė" restaurants, every visitor will be offered the highest quality traditional chinese foods. The foods are prepared by a professional chef from China. In "Kinų rožė" you can evaluate all the new flavors. All the meals are made from natural products, so we ensure that the taste will be natural. The proposal consists of restaurant menu.

    15 - 300 €

    Kinų rožė Vilnius,Kaunas person time Unlimited
  • 15,00 €

    Restaurant "Miesto sodas" - it's a restaurant with a glass gallery based in the garden of Kaunas state musical theatre. Black & orange, glass gallery, grand piano - it's a visiting card of the restaurant "Miesto sodas" The restaurant can be proud of it's wide selection of dishes. The exquisite salad menu, the popular creamy soup menu, cakes baked by...

    15 - 300 €

    Miesto sodas Kaunas person time Unlimited
  • 130,00 €

    This is one of the most popular ways to make the first parachute jump. You will get: jump with the wing type parachute with an instructor; jump from the 3000 m height; before the jump you will listen about 20 minutes long instruction; a jump in time for about 10 minutes; free fall for about 30 seconds 200 km/h~; after a jump there will be the baptism and...

    130,00 €

    Šiaulių parašiutininkų klubas Siauliai person time 30-60 min.
  • 190,00 €

    You want to experience the real feeling of free fall and admire the coastal views on your first jump? Then this proposal is for you. The dome is twice higher than the normal, it is easy to manage and with the instructor's help You easily turn to the desired landing location. Jump from 3,000 m. height and free fall will last 25-30 s. Your jump will be...

    190,00 €

    Klaipėdos parašiutininkai Klaipeda person time Theory 20 min., free fall...
  • 25,00 €

    You'll be riding around the amazing seaside, surrounded with winding forest paths. With every step, you'll get a doze of fresh air. The tour will lead you through tourist paths around the seashore. There is even a possibility to watch the sunset around the company of horses.

    25,00 €

    Zigmo žirgai Palanga person time 1 hour
  • 135,00 € 204,00 € -34%

    With this proposal you will get: greetings at hotel "Stadala" with baron von Ropo mystery drink; night in a cozy room; amber-SPA massage procedure (2 hrs. full body massage); the film in an authentic windmill in a movie theater. The second day you will get: bathing in the Kruojos river; a breakfast with coffee or tea; farewell.

    135,00 € 204,00 € -34%

    Pakruojo dvaras Pakruojis person time 1
  • 36,00 €

    SPA centro „Saulėja SPA“ tikslas - atsipalaidavęs kūnas, grožis ir sielos ramybė. Procedūros metu atsipalaiduosite prabangioje, perlinėje pieno vonioje su lotoso žiedų ekstraktais. Pieno vonia –senovinis, Kleopatros laikus siekiantis, grožio ritualas. Procedūra skaistina, išvalo, sušvelnina ir pamaitina odą. Vėliau bus atliktas tailandietiškas nugaros...

    36,00 €

    Saulėja SPA Kaunas person time 1 hour
  • 75,00 €

    In homestead "Karpynė" fishermen will be able to not only rest, but have the opportunity to catch a great fish. Hopefully you can catch up to 18 kg weighing fish. You can pick up to 16 kg of fish, and even up to 4 kg will be prepared or smoked, if you wish.

    75 - 85 €

    Karpynė Raseiniai person time Pasirinkta trukmė
  • 16,19 € 18,00 € -10%

    A tour with a vessel around the Trakai - it's an unique opportunity for those who would like to break away from the worries which are troubling them in the mists of the city. You'll have a chance to explore the Trakai castle, see the manor of "Užutrakis" and examine the surrounding landscapes. We ensure you that you'll have an amazing experience!

    16,19 € - 46,99 € 18,00 € -10%

    International Tourism Group Trakai person time 45 min.
  • 69,00 € 83,00 € -17%

    69 - 119 € 83,00 € -17%

    Gabija Palanga person time 2

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