How to use the gift coupon?

The gift coupon contains all the needed information regarding the entertainment and how to register in order to be able to use the coupon. Every coupon has a unique number which is used to determine the authenticity and validity of the coupon. Coupon number must be provided to the supplier in the specified or agreed method before using the service.

How to use a gift set?

Choose one service from the gift set that you have. Gift set lists can be found here. Register the chosen service here. You will only be able to use the service after you will receive a new coupon for your chosen service in your e-mail. The new coupon will have the contact information needed to make the reservation. The selected coupon is valid for the same time as the gift set coupon.

How to use a gift voucher?

  • Choose a desired offer

  • Press "Add to cart"

  • In the cart page in the "GIFT VOUCHER" field, enter the voucher reservation code and press "APPLY". In the next step enter your name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Press "Order"

  • Enter your contact information - first name, e-mail address and phone number. This information will not be displayed on the voucher. Or log in to to your account

  • Choose the gift voucher deliver method - I will print myself

  • If your chosen entertainment value is higher than the voucher, select e-banking payment method
  • If surcharge is not needed, press "CONFIRM ORDER"
  • Your new vouchers will be delivered in one work day to your e-mail address. Your chosen voucher will be valid for the same duration as the gift check. 

Can I return a gift coupon?

An unused Gift coupon or check can be refunded in 15 (fifteen) calendar days from its day of purchase. Client has to provide a form for a refund by contacting us at and stating the reason of the refund and providing the unique coupon's reservation code. If the Gift coupon was paid for in cash, the client has to provide the receipt or its copy as well. If the Gift coupon was paid for by bank transaction, the money is refunded to the payer's account. The money is refunded in 2 (two) work days from the day of request. 

Can I replace a gift coupon?

The aqquired and unused Gift coupon or check can be replaced in 15 (fifteen) calendar days from its day of purchase. Client must submit a request for Gift coupon replacement at, providing the both the current coupon reservation code, and the new desired coupon. Within 1 (one) calendar day we will send the new Gift coupon to the Client's provided e-mail address. The validity period is counted from the acquisition day of the first Gift coupon.