When you have a child, every moment becomes precious and priceless. To preserve these special moments, we suggest you visit the children's photo session category. Here you can choose the desired location for the photo session - be it a photo studio, nature or your child's favorite environment. Regardless of where the photo session takes place, our professional photographer will ensure that the resulting photos bring you joy and warm memories. Well, you can choose the duration of the photos according to your needs - from one hour to unlimited time. Let us help you preserve these precious moments!
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The child is a great miracle who grows up in a short space of time. Child’s photo sessions will help you save those marvellous moments. You can choose the location yourself: you can take pictures in a photo studio, in nature, or in a child’s natural environment – where the child’s favourite items and toys around. In any case, the photographer will ensure that the photos you receive will delight both your eyes and your heart!

Key features:

  • clothing is discussed during the registration;

  • Gift of Children Photo Sessions is available at any time of the year;

  • duration varies in regard to the offer; a photo session lasts about one to two hours, nevertheless, you may choose an offer of unlimited duration;

  • a child’s photo session can be held at the location selected by you;

  • photographs are downloaded over the Internet and saved to the selected media (CD / DVD / USB);

  • in regard to the offer, the number of retouched and unretouched photos differ;

  • gift coupon is valid in various locations around Lithuania;

  • pre-registration is required.