Family is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life, and a family photo session provides a great opportunity to capture this happiness. With a professional photographer and many years of experience, every member of the family will feel relaxed in front of the lens. Regardless of whether you choose a professional photo studio, nature, city streets or other location, our goal is to ensure that your family will enjoy beautiful photos that will bring back the warmest memories.
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  • from 50 to 100 (3)
  • Number of persons
  • 1 (2)
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  • 3 (3)
  • 4+ (3)
  • Country
  • Estonia (1)
  • Latvia (1)
  • Lithuania (1)
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  • Klaipeda (1)
  • City in Lithuania
  • Klaipeda (1)
  • Region in Latvia
  • Zemgale (1)
  • City in Latvia
  • Nakotne (1)
  • Jelgava (1)
  • Region in Estonia
  • Harju County (1)
  • City in Estonia
  • Tallinn (1)

Happiness is not only the time with precious people but also the capturing of time together. A family photo session will allow you to do this effortlessly! Professional photographer’s work and his years of experience will help everyone, namely, adults and small ones, to relax in front of the camera. We assure you that you will enjoy pretty and smile boosting family photos after your family photo session!

In regard to the offer, you can have photos taken in a professional photo studio, in nature, in the city, or in any other location, you may be willing to choose. Whatever you select, you will save the warmest and dearest memories in your hearts but also in your photos.

Key features:

  • clothing is discussed during the registration;

  • Gift of Family Photo Sessions is available at any time of the year;

  • duration varies in regard to the offer; Gift Family Photo Session lasts about one to two hours;

  • a photo session can be held at the location selected by you (it can be in nature, in the Old Town, in abandoned buildings, in your home or studio);

  • photographs are downloaded over the Internet and saved to the selected media (CD / DVD / USB);

  • in regard to the offer, the number of retouched and unretouched photos differ;

  • Gift coupon of Family Photo Session is valid in various locations around Lithuania;

  • pre-registration is required.