Shooting with guns

Combat shooting is a thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience where participants can test their marksmanship and skills with a variety of firearms. It's a great way to spend time with friends or family, experience new sensations and learn safe and responsible gun handling.
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Have you always dreamt of visiting a shooting range? Shooting with combat weapons is an entertainment exactly for extreme sensations and adrenaline. Various combat weapons are offered. You can choose shooting from a legendary revolver, assault rifle, pistol or carbine, in an outdoor or indoor shooting range. All you have to do is decide what kind of entertainment you want to try yourself or gift to your dearest people. Shooting with weapons can take place both in the indoor shooting complex or in the outdoor shooting range.

A gift Shooting with combat weapons will let you test your eye accurateness and hand dexterity. What should you know before choosing this entertainment?

  • The location will depend on the offer you have chosen. For those who want to shoot clay pigeons– we suggest trying out the outdoor shooting range. This is a great way to test your dexterity. Flying plates move in different directions and fly at different distances. You will be able to test sports weapons, classic shotguns or pump-action shotguns. For those who want to try a revolver, an assault rifle or a pistol, we suggest choosing an indoor shooting range.

  • Usually shooting ranges offer several types of combat weapons, where you can try and decide what you like the best. You will be able to choose from real weapons such as a revolver, pistol or sniper rifle.

  • You can choose shooting ranges and distances depending on your experience and willingness to test your abilities and skills.

  • The ones who want to try this entertainment of shooting with combat weapons will be assisted by a professional instructor. Just after the first shooting set, you will become a real shooting pro.

  • For those who want to test their eye accurateness, we offer the shooting with weapons with telescopic sights. with which you can shoot targets within 100-metre distance.

Gift coupon Shooting with Combat Weapons is for those who like extreme sensations, ardour and actively spending their free time. Go on an adventure and feel like a hero of the action movie!