Air balloons

Hot air balloon flights are a unique pastime that gives you the opportunity to see fabulous landscapes from the highest point. It is an adventurous road where you can enjoy an unusual perspective and tranquility as you climb up the tops of skyscrapers or over green fields. It is a great choice for those who want to spend time actively and in a memorable way, to share special moments with friends or family. Hot air balloon rides are often included in gift packages as a special experience to remember for a lifetime.
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A hot air balloon flight is an ideal gift for fans of air entertainments. During the air balloon flight, you can fulfil your dream and while enjoying the freedom, see the Earth from a bird’s-eye view. A glimpse into the most beautiful surroundings from above will become a memorable adventure for the rest of your life. It is a gift forcing you to ascend from the ground up into the blue sky and free your exquisite sensations of desire. When choosing a gift Air balloon flight you should know:

Clothing. Air balloon flights are operated all the year under favourable weather conditions. It is advisable to prepare yourself for a balloon flight in advance: to wear clothes fully covering the body. It is important that the pleasure of the flight won’t be influenced by the unpleasant coolness and the feeling of discomfort, therefore, the clothes and shoes should be comfortable. In the case of summer, do not forget to take care of the shoulder protection against sun and the cap.

Duration. During the preparation of the flight which lasts for 20 minutes, the pilot of the air balloon will clarify the rules of safe conduct. Be attentive and listen carefully! After the protocol, the 1–1,5 hour-long memorable flight will be waiting for you. And, after the landing, you will be granted with the flight certificate, which you could enjoy later with your friends and relatives.

Size of an air balloon. The balloon can accommodate a group of 3–6 persons. You can enjoy this entertainment by yourself or with your friends. A balloon flight for two can become a romantic and unforgettable gift for your close people for a memorable celebration. Do not hesitate, in the category “Air balloon flight gifts” you will find the desired flight offer. Air balloon flights are being carried out in most of your favourite cities in Lithuania and Estonia. See the views of the most beautiful cities while flying with an air balloon!

Limitations. Children under the age of 18 may also take a flight, however, it is important to keep in mind the consent by the parents or guardians. This entertainment can become a memorable experience for everyone, nevertheless, for the passenger, it is important to be in such a physical condition and age so that he can get in and out of the balloon without help. We want to make you feel safe, thus, all air balloon flight coupons will be covered by aviation insurance.

Be sure, you will remember this special adventure for a long time! And for those who want to discover more ways to ascend to heaven, we suggest exploring our category “Flights”.