SPA procedures for TWO

Experience exceptional romance and harmony with Spa treatments for Two! Gift coupons for this service will bring unique feelings and pleasure to your relationship. Spa treatments for two will allow you to experience the fragrant atmosphere of the bath, relax in the relaxation room and enjoy two massages that will reduce tension and give you a feeling of energy and youth. It is not only a gift, but also a special entertainment that will allow you to create special memories.
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  • Price
  • from 50 to 100 (2)
  • from 100 to 200 (1)
  • more than 400 (1)
  • Body part
  • All body (2)
  • Head and face (1)
  • Number of persons
  • 1 (1)
  • 2 (4)
  • Country
  • Lithuania (2)
  • Latvia (1)
  • Estonia (1)
  • City in Lithuania
  • Vilnius (2)
  • Klaipeda (1)
  • City in Latvia
  • Bernati (1)
  • Liepaja (1)
  • City in Estonia
  • Vihula (1)

Pamper your body with exclusive SPA treatments for TWO! SPA for two will definitely bring unique romantic feelings and harmony in your relationship.

During the Gift of SPA treatments for TWO, depending on the offer, a fragrant bath for two surrounded by candles is prepared. Relaxing all body rituals as well as the lounge, where you can lie down in a bed filled with meadow herbs or buckwheat husk, taste herbal teas and healthy snacks, allow enjoying peace of mind.

Massages for two will help reduce tension, pain, and fatigue, stay youthful, remain energetic and healthy longer as well as bring back lightness, a sense of invigoration and harmony throughout the body. So, SPA offers for two are not only a wonderful relaxation but also an extraordinary and exceptional activity.

Main features:

  • the offer is for two persons;

  • duration varies, typically from 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half;

  • no requirements for clothing;

  • the offer is available throughout the year;

  • the coupon is valid for 12 months;

  • pre-registration is required.

Gift coupon for SPA treatments for TWO is a great way to surprise your partner!