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There are 9 products.
  • 50,00 €

    Before dive You will lay out the basics of diving and given a short briefing. Under supervision of the instructor you do a few exercises in the water and dive into the depths of the lake. You to feel comfortable under the water, monitor and manage your equipment, so you don't have to do anything complex, only to swim, look around and admire the unique...

    50,00 €

    Nardymo akademija Plateliai person time 1 hour
  • 83,99 €

    2 hr. duration cognitive diving (1 hr. - 1 hr. 30 min. duration equipment set up and 30-40 min. diving) for 2 persons; underwater photo shoot; diving equipment; instructions.

    83,99 € Trakai,Moletai person time About 2.5 - 3 hours....
  • 88,00 €

    Cognitive diving is a chance to explore the underwater world. It's an opportunity for everyone! Explore Plateliai lake and it's beautiful underwater fauna. Before diving, you'll be instructed with diving basics. With the supervision of the instructor, you'll have to make a few exercises in the water. At the time you'll be diving, the instructor will help...

    88,00 €

    Nardymo akademija Plateliai person time 1 hour
  • 44,00 €

    Before the dive, you will learn the basics of diving and have a short briefing. Under the supervision of an instructor, you will perform several exercises in the water and dive into the depths of the lake. Instructor will help you feel comfortable under water, supervise and manage your equipment, so you do not have to do anything complicated, just swim,...

    44,00 €

    Nardymo akademija Plateliai person time 1 hour
  • 45,00 €

    Exploratory dive is a great challenges of life, self-test. During diving time, you will feel a special state of weightlessness, believe your new powers and abilities - to breathe underwater. Experience unforgettable moments! We will introduce you to the diving rules and process. You will listen to a short theoretical briefing. Accompanied by professional...

    45,00 €

    Nardymo mokykla Kaunas person time 1-1,5 hours
  • 15,00 €

    Vamzdeliavimas – pats lengviausias būdas pažinti povandeninį pasaulį pradedantiesiems, natūralioje aplinkoje. Tai pramoga nereikalaujanti specialaus pasiruošimo, todėl tinkanti net ir mažiausiems smalsuoliams. Vamzdeliavimo pamokos metu susipažinsite su šios pramogos atsiradimo istorija, plėtra, populiarumo tendencijomis, įrangos ypatumais, priežiūra, o...

    15,00 €

    Nardymo akademija Plateliai person time 1 hour
  • 174,00 €

    Never tried underwater entertainment? It is time to start diving, because you will feel a lot of new and unexpected experiences! Diving course "Scuba Diver" - a two-day intensive training for those, who save their time, but want to learn to dive with an instructor.

    174,00 €

    Nardymo akademija Plateliai person time 2 days
  • 400,00 €

    "Divemen" diving center invites you to extreme water fun. During the fun time you will be able to dive to 18 meters depth. With this proposal you get 5 hours theoretical part of diving courses and 5 hours practical courses (4-5 dives), "PADI Open Water Diver" international certificate. "PADI Open Water Diver" course will familiarize you with diving bases,...

    400,00 €

    Divemen Vilnius,Trakai person time 5 hours theoretical part; 5...
  • 120,00 €

    "Divemen" diving center invites you to extreme water fun. Dive into the underwater world and watch it closely! During the fun time, you will be familiarized with diving equipment and dive under the water. The friendly and experienced instructors will take you to the underwater world. Dives are organized in Vilnius, Trakai and Molėtai. Feel the joy of...

    120,00 €

    Divemen Vilnius,Trakai person time 1 hour 30 min.

Dive into the depths of the lake and discover the incredible life underwater and the secrets it had hidden. Diving is a pastime, which every single person has to try at least once in his or her lifetime. Discover the underwater world with a gift Diving. We offer discovery scuba diving with an underwater photo-shoot, discovery scuba diving for two and we offer scuba diving courses for those who want to become scuba diving experts. Dive into the underwater world and explore Plateliai, Galvė and other lake depths. Gift coupon Diving – is an ideal pastime for those who enjoy active leisure, strong sensations and an adrenaline rush.

Discovery scuba diving can be a unique pastime for family friends or oneself. While diving professional divers with long years of experience will guide you. You don’t have to worry about safety due to the certified instructor who will ensure and guarantee your safety. This experience of a lifetime as the dive and experience will be photographed during the photo-shoot. Do you want to share this opportunity with your significant other? Choose scuba diving for two. Before diving, all the necessary diving instructions will be explained. All the needed equipment is provided.

Key features:

  • Typically diving lasts about 30–60 minutes;

  • Necessary clothing – swimwear and slippers;

  • The correct season is necessary. Typically diving takes place from May to September;

  • A certified instructor will be helping throughout the diving;

  • Short necessary information is explained;

  • The diving depth is about 7 meters;

  • Preparation may take up to two hours.

Scuba diving course – is a great opportunity to learn diving independently and to enjoy the underwater world without any restrictions. The diving school provides courses where professionals share their knowledge and experience about the depths, safe diving and diving equipment. After successfully finishing the course you will gain the necessary diving skills which you will be able to try out practically. If you want something easier which does not require special preparation and equipment we offer to try snorkelling lessons. It is an easier way to enjoy the depths of water. This pastime is also suited for the younger enthusiasts.

Key features:

  • Necessary clothing – swimwear and slippers;

  • All the needed equipment is provided;

  • 5 theoretical lessons and 4 practical dives in open waters are estimated;

  • After successfully passing the course an international divers’ certificate is presented.