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Diving in the underwater prison of Rummu Karjäri

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Rummu Karjærijärv has been a favorite place for divers for a long time with its excellent visibility, crystal clear light blue water and special lake bed. At the bottom of the lake there is a kind of underwater museum that offers powerful experiences. There you can find several buildings, prison walls, machines and equipment used for mining. In addition, there is a sunken forest at the bottom of the quarry, which creates a mystical scene both on the surface and at the bottom.

Trial diving

First, there is an introduction, during which the instructors talk about the basic rules of diving, introduce the diving equipment and teach you how to behave properly underwater. Diving takes place personally and safely with an instructor and to a maximum depth of 10 meters. Swimming skills or previous experience are not necessary, it is important to be in good health. NB! It is not a diving training, but a so-called with test diving, where the participant gets the first experience diving with scuba.

The offer includes :
  • Test diving in the Rummu Karjäri underwater prison;
  • 40 minute theory part;
  • 20 minute diving session;


Health must be in order. Children from the age of 12 can participate with the written permission and presence of a parent.

Data sheet
Address: Hub career
Duration: 1 hour
Persons: 1
Clothes: All necessary equipment provided by the organizer
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: May-september
Country: Estonia
City in Estonia: Rummu
Counties of Estonia: Harju County
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
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60,00 €

Service supplier:
Rummu Seikluskeskus
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  • Käisin 2023. aasta suvel Adventure Centeriga Rummu järvel SUP lauaga sõitmas. SUP lauaga sõitmine järvel oli väga tore, aga nüüd retkele järele mõeldes olen aru saanud, et meid ei teavitatud ohtudest, mis SUP lauaga järvel sõites eksisteerisid. Järves on kõrged puutoikad (endine mets), mis ulatuvad järve põhjast veepinnani. Kui keegi kukuks SUP lauaga sõites õnnetult vette puutoigaste peale, võib juhtuda väga ohtlikke õnnetusi. Meid viidi retke alguses kohe selle endise metsa juurde, mis järves oli. Paljud inimesed retkel olid esimest korda SUP laua peal, proovisid seal isegi laua peale püsti tõusta, kuigi nad olid kogenematud selles tegevuses. On uskumatu ja korraldajate poolt väga vastutustundetu, et SUP laudadega viiakse inimesi sõitma nende puutoigaste kohale (pean ütlema, et matka jooksul ka oli üks inimene, kes kukkus SUP laualt vette, õnneks ei toimunud see toigaste juures ja õnnetust ei juhtunud). Samas võib olla ainult aja küsimus, millal seal esimene õnnetus juhtub! SUP retke alguses lasti meil allkirjastada paber, kus oli kirjas, et meid on teavitatud kõikidest ohtudest, mis retkel võivad esineda. Tegelikult seda ei tehtud ja meil teenuse tarbijatel polnud aimugi, et järves on see endine kõrgete puudega mets, kus kukkudes võib juhtuda suuri õnnetusi. Ma loodan, et Adventure Center võtab mu tagasisidet kuulda ja võtab kasutusele paremad ohutusmeetmed, sest need potentsiaalsed traumad, mis järve vana metsa juures võivad juhtuda, on täiesti ärahoitavad.
  • Wonderful place for planning a dive! Once in a lifetime location which is nothing like any other dive site I have seen before. Bizarre and cold, but so worth the 1h drive from Tallinn. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great, but the dive was still really cool! But I totally have to come back in summer during sunshine, it must be breathtaking then when there is sunlight in the green waters! (Pay attention to the fact that they are only open till end of September, after that is the winter break) Because you will never dive deeper than 7 meters (And even that is rarely happening) it is also possible for non divers to take a plunge there. There is not even corals to look out for, so if you bump into stuff it is not damaging anything particularly. Price was also okay. There is also a sauna which you can use for free. The only thing that they could update is some of the equipment and a little bit more of infrastructure. So a toilet that is more than a toi-toi and a bigger cchanging room. But everything else was GREAT! Definetly recommend it.
  • Surreal dive! Bizarre underwater world, completely different from any of the other dives I've ever done. The very friendly staff at the center were at the same time focused on diver safety and dive quality, and also laid back and fun. I e-mailed them during all kinds of off-hours and made last minute changes, they adapted and didn't even give me a hard time about it. Would highly recommend this wild experience!
  • A very interesting destination less than an hour's drive from Tallinn. You should familiarize yourself with the interesting history of the place in advance. At least I myself never found any brochure or anything else that would have told about the history. The water of the lake is incredibly clear and you can easily get to know it by renting a boat or a standup paddleboard. The place is also a diver's paradise. The price level is affordable, so it is well suited as a low-budget travel destination for the whole family. The service was good and the employees in the area were friendly and cheerful. Several of them were at work on the first day and it caused some small problems and they were solved just fine in the end. If I could give a little criticism about the lack of signs. There were no opening hours at the gate and there was a bit of conflicting information on the internet.
  • Extrem spannender Ort den man sich nicht entgehen lassen sollte. Beim Eingang wurden wir von der Schwester des Besitzers in Empfang genommen und uns ausführlich alles wissenswerte erklärt. Die € 3 Eintritt zahlt man dafür gerne. Am Gelände kann man selbstständig auf Entdeckungstour gehen und die bizarre und zugleich sehr schöne Szenerie auf sich wirken lassen. Für alle Fans von Lost Places und (Hobby)Fotografen the Place-to-be!