Yacht and ships

Want to give an unusual gift? Choose offers from our gift voucher website and let your loved ones take to the wider waters and enjoy the joy of water sports on a yacht or boat. It is a great gift that will provide not only a unique experience, but also an incomparable sea adventure. Yachts and ships are the perfect solution for a short escape from the fast pace of life.
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Are you tired from the daily routine and worries? Let yourself relax during a yacht or a boat tour. Hang out with your loved one or friends, have a great time, and savour the calmness of the water.

A boat tour with the wind blowing in your hair and a wonderful company is a perfect plan for a sunny weekend. Maybe you are looking for an original place to celebrate your forthcoming special occasion? Or maybe you want to surprise your better half and experience the most exciting moments in your life? Yacht rental is a perfect decision. You will be able to invite your closest friends and together indulge in the picturesque coasts. A yacht tour is ideal for those that like peaceful relaxation in nature.

You only have to choose from almost 100 wonderful offers on our website. How to select an offer that suits you the best?

1. Start your search by deciding on occasion for which you will use this offer.

2. Think about the duration of this activity. In the offers, you can find tours that take from 30 minutes to the whole day or you can even choose an option with an overnight stay.

3. Select a place where you would like to have a boat or a yacht tour. The assortment of places is very wide, so you just need to select a place that suits your needs from the most beautiful bodies of water in Lithuania.

4. Decide how many people will enjoy this activity. The number of seats in a yacht is limited, so it is important to think about it in advance. If you are interested in a boat rental together with your better half, search for offers that indicate activity for 2 people. If you intend to enjoy this activity with a company, search for a cruise that can accommodate up to 15 people.

5. Do you want additional activities in the boat? If you want food and delicious meals, you should choose a boat tour with food in the cabin or with your welcoming with snacks and wine. You can also rent a BBQ boat.

Gift coupon of a yacht or a boat tour is a perfect way to spend your free time! You only need to take your good mood, smiles and enjoy the pleasures of water and sun!

Gift of a yacht or a boat tour can be a wonderful activity for you, your loved ones or friends. Give it as a gift to the people dearest to you and let them have a wonderful time in a breath-taking natural environment.