The trip on the ship from Nida to Ventė horn for two

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We will go together in an impressive outing - we will visit Pamario architectural monument, called the Lithuanian Venice Minge village, also rise 5 km up Minija and achieve "Fisherman's Bar" famous for ponds. Passionate fishermen, instead of a trip to Ventės Ragas, here will be able to fish and catch trout, which innkeeper immediately prepare a delicious roast. Travellers with their own bicycles can enjoy Kintų surroundings.

We will continue to travel by bus, through the longest Lithuania peninsula called Ventė horn. There we will visit an ornithological station, which was created in 1929, and 1863 built one of the seven lighthouses in Lithuania - Ventės lighthouse. You will enjoy the magnificent lagoon,
Kuršių spit, Rusnė island views. This place - miraculous beauty, extreme quiet, unique corner of nature!

Upon returning to the "Fisherman's Bar", we will taste delicious fish soup cooked on the fire ... Continuing the journey back to Nida by ship, we will see Nemunas delta and Kuršių spit magnificent scenery. Let's spend a lot of wonderful moments together!

The offer includes :
  • 6 hrs journey on the ship from Nida to Ventė horn for two;

Important: Children up to 3 years sail for free. Sailing 20 to 50 persons. On average, sailing every 1-3 days.

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Address: "Marių laivai", Nida, Nida harbor
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Duration: 6 hours
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Persons: 2
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Clothes: For the selected activity no specific outfit is required
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Validation of coupon: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
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Season: Warm season
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Country: Lithuania
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Regions LT: Klaipeda
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City LT: Nida
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Coupon language: Lithuanian
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Marių laivai

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Marių laivai