The trip on the ship from Nida to Ventė horn for two

An impressive trip, during which you will visit the most beautiful seaside architectural sites and the village of Minge, known as the Venice of Lithuania. Next we will continue our journey by bus to the longest peninsula of Lithuania, which is called Ventes horn. There we will visit the Ornithological Station and the Vente Lighthouse, built in 1929. Here you can enjoy wonderful views - Curonian Lagoon, Curonian Spit, Rusne Island. These places will surprise you with its unique beauty, peace and relaxing corners of nature.

Spend many wonderful moments together!

The offer includes :
  • 6 hrs journey on the ship from Nida to Ventė horn for two


Children up to 3 years sail for free. Sailing 20 to 50 persons. On average, sailing every 1-3 days.

Data sheet
Address: "Marių laivai", Nida, Nida harbor See on the map
Duration: 6 hours
Persons: 2
Clothes: No clothing requirements
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: Warm season
Country: Lithuania
City LT: Nida
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
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89,00 €

Service supplier:
Marių laivai