Looking for a dose of speed and adrenaline? Go-karts will provide a great opportunity to race, fly at high speed across the track and overcome prepared obstacles. In the go-kart gift category, you'll find great deals to satisfy your hunger for speed. Choose to go karting alone or with friends, enjoy the adventure and feel like a real racer. We offer go-kart rides both in Lithuania and Latvia and offer you a unique opportunity to experience incredible sensations of speed.
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Do you want to feel speed and adrenaline? Go-karting – is a perfect chance to overtaking your opponents, speed around the track and overcome the prepared obstacles. You have been wanting this? That means go-karts which are in the category go-kart gifts are just made for you. We offer go-karting solo or among a group of friends and a drive in an electric go-kart in many Lithuanian towns and Latvia. Useful information before trying out this pastime:

  • Track. Every go-karting place offers a crazy, almost a kilometre-long track in which you can try yourself out and challenge your friends. You can rent out the entire track and have a race and after reward the winners with cups and medals. Guests will never forget such an event!

  • Clothing. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing so that the pastime won’t be restricted by the smallest things.

  • Restrictions. It is important to keep in mind that some tracks have height requirements. Usually, you have to be 1.3 metres and higher to go go-karting.

  • Seasonal ticket. If you are looking for a unique gift for your special person, gift them our go-kart seasonal ticket. Your significant other or best friend will enjoy an unlimited adrenaline dose for the whole year.

Electric go-karts. From now on you can also try out electric go-karts, which are still new in Lithuania. While driving the electric go-karts you can even reach the speed of 70km/h. The best news is that you can ride them all year because they have an indoor track.

Go-karting – is a great opportunity to have a fun time, get some good emotions and have an adrenaline rush. The gift Go-karts is a fun pastime alone and among friends. When you choose this pastime with friends you can all race together and spend your free time in a very original way. The go-kart is safe, fast and easy to control that is why you will feel comfortable even while riding for the first time. Go-karting gift coupon is an ideal gift for those who enjoy speed and thrilling experiences.