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Photo shoots

There are 19 products.
  • 50,00 €

    Before dive You will lay out the basics of diving and given a short briefing. Under supervision of the instructor you do a few exercises in the water and dive into the depths of the lake. You to feel comfortable under the water, monitor and manage your equipment, so you don't have to do anything complex, only to swim, look around and admire the unique...

    50,00 €

    Nardymo akademija Plateliai person time 1 hour
  • 83,99 €

    2 hr. duration cognitive diving (1 hr. - 1 hr. 30 min. duration equipment set up and 30-40 min. diving) for 2 persons; underwater photo shoot; diving equipment; instructions.

    83,99 € Trakai,Moletai person time About 2.5 - 3 hours....
  • 88,00 €

    Cognitive diving is a chance to explore the underwater world. It's an opportunity for everyone! Explore Plateliai lake and it's beautiful underwater fauna. Before diving, you'll be instructed with diving basics. With the supervision of the instructor, you'll have to make a few exercises in the water. At the time you'll be diving, the instructor will help...

    88,00 €

    Nardymo akademija Plateliai person time 1 hour
  • 60,00 €

    "Laisvalaikio žirgai" invites you to perpetuate with one of the greatest animals known to a man - horses. Every human alongside a horse feels like under the spell. The professional photographer will record every important moment of the session. After the shoot, you'll have an amazing memory and amazing photos!

    60,00 €

    Laisvalaikio Žirgai Vilnius person time 1 hour
  • 45,00 €

    Exploratory dive is a great challenges of life, self-test. During diving time, you will feel a special state of weightlessness, believe your new powers and abilities - to breathe underwater. Experience unforgettable moments! We will introduce you to the diving rules and process. You will listen to a short theoretical briefing. Accompanied by professional...

    45,00 €

    Nardymo mokykla Kaunas person time 1-1,5 hours
  • 58,00 €

    "Mfoto" offers a great opportunity for the whole family to spend the time by participating in a family photo session! Cheerful mood, great atmosphere and a professional photographer - it's a great opportunity to relax and forget all of your problems.

    58,00 €

    Mfoto Siauliai person time 1 hour
  • 79,00 €

    Riding school "Equus" invites you to embark on a remarkable journey and experience a ride of a lifetime with one of the most beautiful creatures in the world - horses.

    79,00 €

    Equus Vilnius person time 1 hour
  • 70,00 €

    Photo studio "Tomas Pikturna photography" will help you to perpetuate your honest smile and your shining eyes. During the private photo session, the professional photographers will help you to reveal your attributes and your inner fantasies. This private photo session is your private art of beauty. Perpetuate your beauty and show the world how charming...

    70,00 €

    Tomas Pikturna photography Klaipeda person time 1 hour
  • 70,00 €

    1 hour of photo session for two; 15 retouched images burned to a CD; 3 printed images (15x23 format).

    70,00 €

    Tomas Pikturna photography Klaipeda person time Up to 1 hour.
  • 80,00 €

    Photo studio "Tomas Pikturna photography" will help you record your sincere smiles and shining bright eyes. At the moment the photo shoot takes place, you'll have a great time because our experienced photographers will take advantage in every emotion you'll spread. With this offer you'll get: 1 hour of photo shoot (for 1-5 people), 20 retouched images (in...

    80,00 €

    Tomas Pikturna photography Klaipeda person time Up to 1 hour.
  • 85,00 €

    "The little model" studio has it all - style, fashion, aesthetics and enlightenment. Our experienced photographers will bring joy to you and your child by creating a positive environment. Studios stylist will choose the right theme and interlude for the shoot. We ensure you that your child will have the best photos and memories of his childhood.

    85,00 €

    Mažasis modelis Vilnius person time 1 hour 30 min.
  • 70,00 €

    Photo studio "Tomas Pikturna photography" will help you to to record your child's wonderful smile and every marvelous aspect of his youth. The photographers are experienced professionals who can easily find a way to make the children interested and occupied.  This offer includes: 1 hour photoshoot for 1-2 childen, 15 retouched photos (installed to a CD),...

    70,00 €

    Tomas Pikturna photography Klaipeda person time 1 hour
  • 75,00 € 100,00 € -25%

    "Fotopolis" – this is a professional team of photographers, ready to capture you, your family, your personal celebrations and many other important events in you life. We want you to have something to hold on to, preserve and remind you of the important moments of your live.

    75,00 € 100,00 € -25%

    Fotopolis Klaipeda person time 45 min.
  • 72,00 €

    "Mfoto" photo studio will perpetuate every important moment of your life! The professional photographer ensures to capture every important attribute and characteristics of the client. It's a great present for those who always wanted to have professional photos of their own. Before the photo session, you'll receive a make up.

    72,00 €

    Mfoto Siauliai person time 1 hour
  • 129,00 €

    1 hour of the photo shoot; 20 retouched photos; 60x40 cm printed canvas.

    129,00 €

    Ligitos Vaitkutės fotostudija Vilnius person time 1 hour
  • 79,00 €

    "Laurynas Mitruliavičius photography" will help you to reveal your charm and capture your most beautiful moments! A professional studio photographer gives it all for every photo by making them exciting, leaving the monotony behind. With this offer you'll get: 1 hours of photo session for 1 person in your chosen location and bout 15 retouched photos.

    79,00 €

    Laurynas Mitrulevičius photography Alytus person time 1 hour
  • 60,00 €

    60,00 €

    Zirgu sēta "Charlotte" Ķekava person time 1 hour
  • 30,00 €

    30,00 €

    Zirgu sēta "Charlotte" Ķekava person time 1 hour
  • 110,00 €

    A two-hour-long outdoor artistic photo shoot on motorcycle; 20 retouched photos; 100 not retouched photos.

    110,00 €

    MotoFoto Riga person time 2 hours

A photo shoot is an opportunity to stop the time and the most precious memories. Present your loved one with a photo shoot during which a professional photographer will eternalise his or her smile, good mood and sparkling eyes. Select one of the photoshoots from a wide assortment and be pleased with the retouched photos, black and white artistic photos or photo canvases. A gift coupon for a photo shoot is a perfect opportunity to choose from various types of photo shoots, designed according to individual needs.

Wonderful time spent in the photo studio or another selected place can become an unforgettable adventure as well as a great experience not only for novices but also for models that act naturally in front of the camera.

Look for an offer that suits you and choose the one that fits your expectations. People that like traditional photos will enjoy the atmosphere of the studio, while those, who love spontaneity and originality, will be able to indulge in special offers proposed during the photoshoot.

By selecting one of the offers of photo shoots you will get:

  • a photoshoot in a city or place selected by you;

  • an established amount of retouched and non-retouched photos (the number of photos differs with each photo shoot);

  • different durations of photo shoots, as they vary according to the offer;

  • a wonderfully spent time as well as advises and insights from the photographer.

  • The style of your clothes, make up, and hairdo are discussed in advance, during the registration.

  • Gift pleasant moments, as photographs will stay as a delightful memory for all your life!

Gift photoshoot will certainly make an impression on those people that like to pose, eternalise every moment of their lives, and to those that feel natural in front of the camera. During the photoshoots, professional photographers will capture magnificent moments, reveal your beauty and give advice that will help to feel more natural in front of the camera.