Facial procedures

Enjoy pleasant moments of face and head treatments with the help of our Gift Voucher! Experience a full range of luxury services, which will be provided by the best specialists in all of Lithuania. Let the professionals ease the effects of everyday stress and allow yourself or a loved one to immerse themselves in relaxing and revitalizing treatments.
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It is no secret that daily tension reflects the most in our faces. Face and head procedures are a great way to pamper yourself or your beloved one with pleasant moments during which you can dive into the hands of trusted professionals and forget about your daily worries. Our Gift coupon for Face and Head Procedures will even appeal to the picky ones. The Gift of Face and Head Procedures is performed by qualified specialists who provide their services all over Lithuania!

  • A facial treatment can range from face massage and botulinum rejuvenating treatment to cleansing, exfoliating or moisturizing. It is important to choose a procedure that matches your or your beloved one’s expectations.

  • Face massages are perfect for those who want to have a relaxing break or to get rid of tedious tension and stress. Massage specialists perform massages with light mechanical movements. During this procedure, you will feel calm and relaxed. Also, the results are felt at once: facial skin becomes brighter and more elastic as the massage improves the oxygen supply to the tissues. Lymphatic drainage massage is one of the most popular massages because it improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

  • Facial cleansing is for those who want to revitalize their facial skin and make it bright and glowing again. There are many facial cleansing methods, so you just have to decide which one is right for you! You can choose facial peeling that will thoroughly exfoliate your face and remove all dirt. Facial cleansing includes masks that are selected based on your skin type. The focus is on mechanical and acidic cleansing of the face, which deeply cleans the accumulated dirt and balances the complexion.

  • Facial moisturizing is a necessary procedure in order to keep your skin youthful and vibrant. Facial moisturizing can be performed with hyaluronic acid, which contains elements that accelerate skin regeneration. The procedure with the hyaluronic acid will not only moisturize but also nourish your skin.

  • Rejuvenation procedures are extremely popular among all age groups. After all, your skin’s youth should be taken care of right away. One of the most popular rejuvenating facial procedures is the botulinum facial mask. The botulinum in the mask works very effectively as it relaxes your facial muscles. As a result, your facial skin becomes smoother and the mimic wrinkles become less visible.

  • Head procedures are necessary for those who are under constant stress. Head massages are the most popular procedure for effective reduction of stress and tension. Also, they boost blood circulation. The whole body is effectively relaxed during this procedure.