Water parks, swimming pools and saunas



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Waterparks, swimming pools and saunas are activities meant not only for your body but also for your soul. Give an hour of relaxation to your beloved ones and friends or enjoy the well-deserved rest by yourself. It is a well-known fact that water has a special effect on our bodies: it allows the body to relax and rest properly. Leave your daily worries at home and strengthen your health today!

Main features:

  • Gift Coupon for Water Parks, Swimming Pools and Saunas is valid for 12 months;

  • the desired duration can be selected; usually, activities take about 40–45 minutes;

  • swimsuit/swimming trunks and flip-flops are necessary;

  • 6-14-year-old children have to be supervised by their parents. 14-18-year-old people must provide the consent of their parents;

  • visits possible during the warm season only (usually from May till September).


Swimming pools and saunas are a pastime of water activities including the sauna area. Your free time can be enriched by spending time in relaxation and wellness centres that are composed of swimming pools, unique sauna programmes, wellness procedures, jacuzzies, pleasures of sauna and other activities (depending on the offer). Also, other non-daily activities are often included in the Gift of Water Parks, Swimming Pools and Saunas.

Main features:

• depending on the selected offer, your visit can last 1 hour 30 minutes or even the whole day;

• swimsuit/swimming trunks and flip-flops are necessary;

• usually, pre-registration is necessary.