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  • Auto moto entertainment


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  • 34,00 €

    Sailing on yacht in the Kuršių lagoon will leave a long-lasting impression and give a lot of good emotions. Trip will start in the Pilies yacht harbor, you will sail on yacht "Rėja". Captain of the yacht will show you the Kuršių lagoon, and you will enjoy and admire the colorful landscapes.

    34,00 €

    Vakario klubas Klaipeda person time 3 hours
  • 26,00 € 35,32 € -26%

    "International tourism group" says, that the city of Trakai magically charms everyone who visits it. With this offer you will receive 2 hours 30 min term visit to the water park „Trasalis Trakai Resort & SPA“. In this place you will enjoy jacuzzi, 4 different saunas, water cascades and winding pool. After a relaxing aqua entertainment you will enjoy...

    26,00 € 35,32 € -26%

    International Tourism Group Trakai person time Water entertainment take 2...
  • 39,00 €

    In homestead "Karpynė" fishermen will be able not only rest, but have an opportunity to catch a great fish. Hopefully you can catch up to 18 kg weighing fish. You can take up to 8 kg of fish, and if you wish up to 2 kg will be prepared or smoked. It is allowed to take an extra person, however, he will not be allowed to fish.

    39 - 45 €

    Karpynė Raseiniai person time Pasirinkta trukmė
  • 8,40 € 28,96 € -71%

    The modern shooting center offers you to try your luck with one of the most popular weaponry of all time. You'll be able to try: Glock-19, Taurus 82 (38Special) and the famous Kalashnikov:-AK47 (version Saiga). 3 shots will be given for each weapon. The unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

    8,40 € 28,96 € -71%

    GSKA Vilnius person time 30 minutes
  • 22,00 €

    22,00 €

    KMH Inčukalns person time 20 min.
  • 50,00 €

    The riding takes place near the seaside and near it's beautiful nature. You'll have an opportunity to breath the fresh air of pines and explore the forests. The setting sun will create an unforgettable experience which will leave you speechless. Don't worry if its your first time, our professional instructors will supervise you.

    50,00 €

    Zigmo žirgai Palanga person time 1 hour

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