Sailing trip with a tourist vessel "Justina"

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We invite you to a 10 km long trip with a tourist vessel "Justina". You'll be going through the unmatchable beauty - Nemunas and Verknė river. The untouched nature, variety of birds and other creatures around the coast. You'll have a chance to explore the unexplored, you'll see the legendary "Ožkų pečius" and many other view sites which will leave you speechless. Use this amazing offer and use your time wisely.

The offer includes :
  • 90 min. of sailing through Nemunas with a tourist vessel ;

Important: Sailings takes place from May 1st until November 1st. Sailings occur when a group of 10 people is formed.

Data sheet

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Address: UAB "OSTINA", Nemunas st. 12, Birštonas
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Duration: 1 hour 30 min.
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Persons: 2
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Clothes: For the selected activity no specific outfit is required
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Validation of coupon: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
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Season: 05.01-11.01
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Country: Lithuania
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Regions LT: Kaunas
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City LT: Birstonas
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Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
Coupon language: Lithuanian

19,00 €

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