Diving courses with "Divemen" in Vilnius

"Divemen" diving center invites you to extreme water fun. Dive into the underwater world and watch it closely! People, who know nothing about diving, after hearing this course can even become professional divers. "PADI Open Water Diver" course will familiarize you with diving bases, technical exercises and diving equipment. After the course, each participant receives a globally recognized international "PADI Open Water Diver" international certificate.

The training consists of two parts: theoretical and practical (four, five dives). During the fun time you will be able to dive to 18 meters depth. The theoretical part is taught by "Divemen" diving center. The practical part depends on the weather, when the weather is cold, dives take place in the pool, and when warm - in the lakes. Feel the joy of diving and explore the underwater wonders!

The offer includes :
  • 5 hours theoretical part of diving courses;
  • 5 hours practical courses (4-5 dives);


In the warm season in the lake Galvė in Trakai, during the cold season - in the pool in Vilnius.

Data sheet
Address: "Divemen" diving center, Justiniškių str. 144C-1, Vilnius
Duration: 5 hours theoretical part; 5 hours practical courses.
Persons: 1
Clothes: Swimwear and slippers
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: All year
Country: Lithuania
City LT: Vilnius, Trakai
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
Coupon language: Lithuanian
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