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Exciting hot air balloon flight over Sigulda and Nurmižu ravine reserve

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Sigulda could be considered the hot air balloon capital of Latvia. The locals are already used to seeing five or more hot air balloons in the sky of Sigulda on calm summer evenings, and - not for nothing - Sigulda is called the Switzerland of Vidzeme due to the ancient valley of Gauja and the beautiful surroundings, and we can only add that Sigulda looks ten times better from a hot air balloon more beautiful! Flying over Sigulda, we will see the ancient valley of Gauja and Gauja, which meanders through forests and sandstone rocks. There is also a particularly picturesque view of the castle ruins of the Livonian Order of Sigulda and Turaida.

The Nurmižu Ravine Reserve is not accessible to visitors
Want more...? "What is allowed for Jupiter is not allowed for a bull": the strict regime zone of the Gauja National Park nature reserve - the Nurmižu Ravine Reserve - has been created to preserve the habitat, and crossing this zone is allowed along a certain route marked on the map, wider visits to the zone are not allowed. But not if we fly over it with a hot air balloon. See, hear, smell and feel nature 500 feet above the ground, in a place where access to others is denied.

Together it's more fun! We make such flights in small groups - a team of those willing to fly will be assembled, and the pilot will offer the flight time. The availability of the flight depends on the weather conditions, so we recommend that you contact us as soon as you have received the gift card. However, if you want an individual flight, that is also possible - let's get in touch!
A hot air balloon flight is a welcome gift both for big events - round anniversaries, graduations, wedding anniversaries and other important moments, and also as a surprise for close people just like that. A gift card for a flight in a hot air balloon will please both individual flying enthusiasts and small groups of fliers.

The offer includes :
  • Meeting passengers at the agreed place and transporting them to the starting point of the flight;
  • About an hour long flight;
  • Breathtaking views as you fly over your desired location as far as possible;
  • Transfer of passengers from the landing point to the initial pick-up point;


The flight is about an hour long (plus/minus 5-15 minutes - the duration of the flight depends on the possibility of landing), during which you will fly up to 20 km! The total duration of the event, including balloon inflation, flying, getting there and back to the meeting place, will take about 3 hours! We do not recommend the flight for pregnant women, persons with recent surgery, hip and leg diseases. The hot air balloon flight takes place in the early mornings (2-3 hours after sunrise) and in the evenings 2-3 hours before sunset. By notifying the passenger in advance, the agreed flight time may be changed if the weather conditions worsen.

Data sheet
Address: GaisaBalons.lv – Sigulda (You will find out the place of departure during registration)
Duration: 1 hour
Persons: 2-1 (price differs, select above at "Number of participants")
Clothes: Comfortable shoes, dress for the weather and take a windbreaker for a cool sunrise or sunset.
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: All year
Country: Latvia
City LV: Sigulda
Regions LV: Rīga, Vidzeme
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
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Service supplier:
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