Romantic canoe trip to the unique and beautiful Grobštas bay

During this canoe trip you will experience a unique Kuršių Nerija's environment change. Sail from green to yellow Nida's Parnidžio dunes. Later leapfrog sandy Parnidžio horn, which also called „Radzinis", and find yourself in the unique Grobštas Bay. From here until lagoon opens a unique view of one of Europe's largest wind formed sand dunes - Gliders dune (53 m above sea level). This dune is in Grobštas Reserve, where is strictly forbidden to walk, so you can see this natural wonder closer only using canoe.

Grobštas Gulf is interesting by the fact that here is one of the oldest state borders in Europe. 1422 September 27. Meln peace agreement established a permanent border between Teutonic Order and Lithuania, this border is unchanged to this day, were changed only names of the neighboring countries. At the moment at the middle of the Gulf Grobštas is running external Schengen border, which separates Lithuania and Russia.

The offer includes :
  • 2 hours 30 min term romantic canoe trip to the unique beauty Grobštas bay for 2 people


The offer includes a triple canoe and life jackets. This trip is suitable for beginners. Swimming is carried out independently.

Data sheet
Address: "Irklakojis" , Kopų 3-7, Nida See on the map
Duration: 2 hours. 30 min.
Persons: 2
Clothes: Comfortable clothing that does not restrict movements
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: 05.01-09.30
Country: Lithuania
City LT: Nida
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
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