• 26,00 €

    During this canoe trip you will experience a unique Kuršių Nerija's environment change. Sail from green to yellow Nida's Parnidžio dunes. Later leapfrog sandy Parnidžio horn, which also called „Radzinis", and find yourself in the unique Grobštas Bay. From here until lagoon opens a unique view of one of Europe's largest wind formed sand dunes - Gliders dune.

    26,00 €

    Irklakojis Nida person time 2 hours. 30 min.
  • 116,00 €

    It's an unique water route, because of the "Naglis" water reserve. You'll have a chance to examine the old lighthouse of Pervalka, the Horn of Horses, the Dead Dunes and the Horn of Naglis. At the Horn of Naglis, you'll have a few minutes to rest and enjoy the flora and fauna of the route. After that, you'll be visiting the legendary Drimzakas bay and the...

    116,00 €

    Irklakojis Nida person time 5 hours. 30 min.