SPA ritual "Azijos infuzija" in „Provanso kvapai“


Take a step into a world of provence scents, where massage and peeling procedures are a way of life, connecting the SPA traditions and respect for nature. Luxurious and soothing exotic wraps. Feel the nature flowing through your skin, while it detoxifies your cells, making them smooth and radiant.

Lanna herbal peeling - it's like a dive into the Oceania. This procedure awakens your energy and refreshes the mind. Ginger and clove powder cleanses horny skin cells. You feel the smoothness and softness of the velvet skin. The organic sandalwood and lemongrass essential oils blended with mud of the Dead Sea will bring you the infinite sense of relaxation. 
Malay wrap - one of Malaysian magnificent procedures, inspired by ayurvedic and chinese medicine. The wrapping will warm your body and will help to gain a better blood flow.

All massages and body care procedures are performed using only the highest quality Florame organic vegetables and essential oils, which have the Ecocert and Cosmebio certifications. 

The offer includes :
  • 30 min. of Lanna herbal peeling;
  • 1 hour. of Malay body wrapping;
  • 30 min. if head and face massage;


Arrive 10 minutes before the procedures.

Data sheet
Address: „Provanso kvapai", Naujojo sodo g. 1, Klaipėda; Didžioji g. 33/2 Vilnius
Duration: 2 hours
Persons: 1
Clothes: No clothing requirements
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: All year
Treatment type of massage/spa: Head and face, All body
Country: Lithuania
City LT: Klaipeda, Vilnius
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
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139,00 €

Service supplier:
Provanso kvapai
+37060522656 (Klaipėdoje), +37067365621 (Vilniuje)