Provanso kvapai

  • 38,00 €

    During the massage, a mix of aromatherapy basil, vetiver and patchouli is used. These oils once were called the "King of Plants" by the Greek because it was used for the kings. This massage brightens your mood, strengthens your nerves and removes fatigue. It effectively fights with cough, cold and facilitates breathing. All massages and body procedures...

    38,00 €

    Provanso kvapai Vilnius,Klaipeda person time 1 hour
  • 90,00 €

    There are times when you'd give anything to just spend the time alone with your loved one. With this offer you can grant each other an unforgettable time which would be spent drinking herbal teas and enjoying yourself with rituals of SPA and massages.

    90,00 €

    Provanso kvapai Vilnius,Klaipeda person time 1 hour 30 min.
  • 62,00 €

    Take a step into a world of provence scents, where massage and peeling procedures are a way of life, connecting the SPA traditions and respect for nature. Luxurious and soothing exotic wraps. Feel the nature flowing through your skin, while it detoxifies your cells, making them smooth and radiant.

    62,00 €

    Provanso kvapai Vilnius,Klaipeda person time 2 hours