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Strausu ferma Ratites

Ostrich farm "Mazzariņi - Ratites" is a place where you can get to know these fascinating and impressive birds - ostriches. This farm is located in a picturesque Latvian rural environment, offering an opportunity to get closer to these exotic animals and learn more about their lifestyle and breeding process. Mazzariņi - Ratites is one of the rare places in Latvia where you can find an ostrich breeding farm. Ideal living conditions for these birds have been created here, providing them with large areas and a favorable environment. Guests can visit this farm to see the daily life of ostriches, observe their behavior and even feed them. Excursions and farm tours are available where guests can learn more about ostrich farming and how these giant birds are cared for. In addition, it is possible to buy various ostrich products such as eggs and ostrich meat, which is a healthy and nutritious food.

Ostrich farm "Mazzariņi - Ratites" is also an entertaining and educational place where guests can gain new knowledge about these unusual birds and enjoy the beauty of nature in a rural environment. It is a great destination for both family outings and simply interesting adventures and getting to know Latvian rural life.

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Strausu ferma Ratites
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