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Aqua Fun

We invite you to Aqua Fun, where the timeless charm of the Vistula River becomes the basis for unforgettable journeys and peaceful escapes. Take a scenic boat or gondola ride on the Vistula River, where the beauty of nature and the charm of the city create a relaxing journey.

Our boat and gondola tours at Aqua Fun are designed to offer a unique perspective of the city and its picturesque surroundings. Cruise along the calm waters and admire iconic monuments, historic bridges and lush greenery along the river banks.

The Vistula River, with its gentle currents and vast panoramas, is the perfect backdrop for various occasions. From romantic getaways and family gatherings to corporate events and celebrations, our boat and gondola tours offer enchanting scenery for every special moment.

Our boats are crafted with comfort in mind, featuring open-air decks with panoramic views and cozy interiors. Experienced guides share intriguing stories about the city's history, adding a layer of cultural enrichment to your relaxing cruise.

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Aqua Fun
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