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Daugirdas is a service provider in the city of Kaunas that offers unique and luxurious experiences to its customers. Their services range from dark dinners to luxury overnight stays with dinner.

Dining in the dark is a special experience where customers can enjoy flavors and aromas in complete darkness. It provides a unique and unforgettable experience where every flavor note comes out even stronger.

The 3-course tasting dinner with wine offered by the Daugirda Hotel is a luxurious gastronomic route. Customers can taste three different dishes tailored to their taste, and each dish is accompanied by a high-quality wine that provides the full spectrum of taste.

Those who want to try a romantic adventure can choose an overnight stay with dinner for two. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a luxurious atmosphere and enjoy exquisite cuisine, and in the evening you can enjoy a luxurious dinner for two.

Luxury accommodation with dinner for two gives customers the opportunity to treat themselves to first-class service and culinary excellence. It is a special experience for those who seek not only luxury, but also special attention to detail.

Daugird's 3-course tasting dinner is a great way to test the culinary talent of this service provider. Customers can enjoy 3 different dishes and immerse themselves in a gastronomic journey where each taste is a new part of the experience.

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Daugirdas Google 4.4 / (929)

Hotel "Daugirdas" is a 4-star business class hotel in the Old Town of Kaunas , near the confluence of Nemunas and Neris, near Kaunas Castle, with a restaurant serving only quality food from the highest quality raw materials. The hotel has 48 rooms: 25 of them are in the old part. Due to the architecture in the old part, no two rooms are alike. Impressive views of the old town of Kaunas can be seen from both the windows of the old and the new part.

The building itself is a monument that admires the unique architecture of the 16th-19th centuries and reveals the history of the temporary capital. We suggest you feel part of history and stay in unique Gothic rooms. For those who like modernity, we recommend choosing rooms located in the new part of the hotel.

The Daugirdas hotel and restaurant team always strives to make each customer's visit to the hotel comfortable and pleasant, to evoke only the best emotions and memories, and to say "see you next time" when saying goodbye.