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COSMOS Ilūziju Muzejs

The COSMOS Museum of Illusions in Riga is an exciting and charming place where visitors are immersed in an unusual and artistic world full of optical illusions and fantastic visual tricks. This museum is not only entertaining, but also educational, providing an opportunity to understand the human perception and experience a wide variety of visual experiences.

COSMOS offers many interactive exhibitions that invite visitors to experiment and play with light, perspective and color. Guests can immerse themselves in a world where the real and the fictional merge, creating moments that feel like they are from other dimensions. Sometimes walls seem to move, objects change their shapes, and the laws of gravity freeze in a different way.

The exhibits of the museum are carefully selected and arranged in such a way as to create an illusion and an unforgettable experience. Every corner, every room is like a work of art that invites us to think about how we perceive the world around us and how our brain interprets visual information.

The COSMOS Museum of Illusions is suitable for both family fun and adventure holidays with friends. It is like a journey through the mystical and wondrous corners of the world, encouraging visitors to see things anew, enjoy visual art and experience an exciting adventure in an environment where the real and the unreal meet.

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COSMOS Ilūziju Muzejs
COSMOS Ilūziju Muzejs Google 3.6 / (2188)

"Cosmos" museum of illusions in Riga is not just a museum, it is a world of magic right here in the center of Riga, which will make both children and adults look at everything a little differently. "Cosmos" is an interactive, unpredictable and attractive place to spend your free time in an interesting way and it is unique in the whole of Latvia, because nowhere else are such illusion sights offered.

Everyone is welcome to an exciting and fascinating world of illusions that will surprise the unprepared! It is a great opportunity to learn something new and experience new impressions. The museum will be interesting for all generations, not only children. Young people, adults and the elderly will be just as amazed as the children, sometimes even more so. Our museum is full of unusual and fascinating objects. The exhibits will make you wonder and not believe your eyes. It is possible that you will have to think about some items, because it may seem that there is a real miracle in front of your eyes!