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Aero Pilot

Aero Pilot
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Aero-Pilot aeroclub was founded by a group of pilots in 2007. The goal of the Aeroclub is to combine and use the experience and material resources of pilots to create a technical and material base for flying, aircraft repair, pilot training and upgrading, and spending meaningful aviation leisure time.

During the sightseeing flight, the old town of Kaunas, the Pažaislis monastery complex, the Kaunas lagoon and its dam, the Dubrava forest and the swamp in its center will remain under your feet. And after flying a little further, there is the Kadagii Valley. You will see the island of Nemunas, where there are many water birds. You will be able to admire the meadows and fields. Each flight is unique due to atmospheric phenomena. Each time the same image can have different shades. For example rising fog will create the illusion of sleep and peace. Not only the surface of the water will shine in the sun's rays, but also your faces.