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Devil Cars

At Devil Cars, we specialize in delivering unparalleled driving experiences, putting you behind the wheel of some of the most iconic and fast supercars. We encourage you to unleash the full potential of these automotive wonders.

Devil Cars is created for automotive enthusiasts looking for an amazing adventure. Our fleet boasts an impressive range of supercars, from sleek Ferraris to roaring Lamborghinis, carefully selected to provide an exciting driving experience. Whether you are an experienced driver or a novice thrill-seeker, our experienced instructors will ensure a safe and exciting journey as you navigate the track.

Set off on an adventure with Devil Cars and you will feel the power, precision of driving and the characteristic roar of the engine when accelerating on open stretches of road. Our driving experiences offer a rare opportunity to feel the force of G-force, hear the engine's symphony and experience the unparalleled joy that comes from driving.

The atmosphere at Devil Cars is one of luxury, excitement and a shared passion for automotive perfection. Join us for a day of incredible emotions.

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Devil Cars

Devil-cars allows you to experience incredible emotions and provides a high dose of adrenaline on one of the many race tracks. Driving a powerful racing car doesn't have to be just the role of an action movie hero. You can choose from an endless number of exclusive cars that you can race around the track. If you want to fulfill the dream of many guys, check out the Devil-cars offer.

Cars from the following brands will provide you with the right dose of adrenaline:
- Lamborghini Gallardo


- Ferrari F430

- Porsche 911 Carrera


- Aston Martin DB9

- Audi R8

- Subaru Impreza

- Ford Mustang

Devil-cars offers a Duel Generator, thanks to which you can rent two or more racing cars that you can test on the track of your choice. Compare their possibilities and choose which one you like the most. Some cars reach speeds of up to 300 km/h.

Get ready to drive sideways with our Drifting Course! Not all cars are designed to drive straight, as you will see when you learn to drift on a race track. The best instructors in Poland will take care of you, providing you with the necessary knowledge for the first 10 minutes, and then you will actively learn drifting for 60 or 120 minutes. The instructor will be in the passenger seat for the entire duration of the course.

OFF ROAD 4X4 driving - go off-road, get ready for mud, water, uphill and downhill sections on a demanding, extreme route. Try to keep the car on the ground on all four wheels, which is not that easy. The routes chosen are not random and are intended to provide intense experiences. During this adventure, you take the passenger seat, and there can be 2-3 people and an instructor in the car.

Devil-cars has 15 race tracks throughout Poland. You have the opportunity to film and photograph the entire experience. Check available dates and book one of the most exciting adventures of your life!