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Sea Safari

Sea Safari is an adrenaline and adventure paradise located in Klaipėda. This entertainment center offers unique marine entertainment experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

One of them is an extreme speedboat ride into the sea. It's not just a simple sea travel itinerary, it's an adrenaline dream! You will feel like a real pirate flying through the waves with a fast and powerful boat. This is a great way not only to experience unique freedom, but also to see the beauty of the sea.

Sea Safari Entertainment Center is a great choice for those who are looking for a little extreme and adventure in their life. It is not only an opportunity to treat yourself to the beauty of nature, but also a great opportunity to escape from everyday life and experience something completely new and interesting.

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Sea Safari
Sea Safari Google 4.5 / (20)

By sailing with "Sea Safari" you will get closer to nature and experience unforgettable experiences. Two RIBs are offered here, powered by 300 HP and 600 HP engines, with a maximum speed of up to 60 knots.

Maneuverable and high-speed ships ensure safe, comfortable and meaningful trips. They guarantee a burst of adrenaline and a brightened everyday life, because the emotions of their passengers, providing water entertainment - the biggest inspiration of "Sea Safari"!

"Sea Safari" provides services for company celebrations and private parties - birthdays, bachelor parties, hen parties. It collects groups for trips to the sea . It offers meaningful trips to the most popular places on the coast of Lithuania - Juodkrantė, Nida, Mingė village and other routes of your choice.