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Grand SPA Lietuva

Grand SPA Lithuania is a prestigious and influential service provider that provides high-quality spa, recreation and entertainment services adapted for the whole family. This spa center is located in Druskininkai, a Lithuanian resort, and is famous for its wide selection of services, quality service and great relaxing atmosphere.

Grand SPA Lithuania offers large areas of swimming pools and saunas. Also, customers are offered various relaxing procedures in the pools and saunas, allowing them to relax, get rid of stress and enjoy rest and well-being.

Grand SPA Lietuva offers rest and overnight services, allowing customers to enjoy all the benefits and comfort of spa services for longer. The hotel's amenities and elegance ensure that guests feel at home and enjoy all the leisure experiences.

Professional and friendly staff ensure that every customer is served at the highest level. Their goal is to provide all customers with a unique experience, making them feel special.

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Grand SPA Lietuva
Grand SPA Lietuva Google 4.5 / (2704)

There comes a moment in everyone's life when you just want to stop and take a breather, be in a calmer environment, and not think about everyday worries, work or other responsibilities. For some, a good rest is enough once a year, others try to change the environment every free weekend, but we can unanimously agree that each of us deserves to improve our health, relax and regain lost physical and spiritual strength, and feel inner peace and harmony.

One of the best choices for this type of vacation is Lithuanian resorts. One of the most popular resorts in Lithuania is Druskininkai . The city stands out for its clean air and beautiful landscapes, and it is also rich in natural and healing resources. Mud baths, healing mineral water sources - these are only a small part of what the city of Druskininkai can offer you. The environment here is impeccably arranged, so guests of the city can spend time not only in recreation or health facilities, but also in parks or near the water bodies surrounding Druskininki.

The main component of a good vacation or a short rest of a few days is the location, which is why the Druskininkai resort is ideal for this. Everyone who chooses this city will find their own activity - it is full not only of various hotels and sanatoriums, but also of fabulous natural corners, entertainment and various places of interest, so we suggest that you do not wait for anything and spend your vacation or a short weekend in the city of Druskininkai.

Grand SPA Lithuania Druskininkai

We recommend "Grand SPA Lietuva" Druskininkai to those visiting Druskininkai or city residents who want to spend their free time exclusively. This is the largest health and recreation complex, which is located in the very center of the resort. "Grand SPA Lietuva" Druskininkai helps visitors to get stronger, restore the body's excellent physical condition and strengthen their spiritual strength and feel inner peace and harmony.

In the wellness and recreation complex "Grand SPA Lietuva" in Druskininkai, the extremely effective mineral water and mud therapy developed over many years and discovered in the resort is based on the complex, and in the complex you can not only immerse yourself in a world full of sensations, but also just have a good time. "Grand SPA Lietuva" takes care not only of the customers of the complex, but also of the state of nature and its future. The installed geothermal heating project reduces air pollution and keeps the ambient air even purer and purer.

The health and recreation complex provides accommodation, catering, treatment, water entertainment, conference and event organization services. You just need to come and everything will be taken care of for you! The complex's professional staff, high-quality service and full attention are paid to you - this is a recipe for a great and quality vacation.

Four Winds Restaurant

You will be hungry after a good night's sleep and rest. We invite you for dinner in the luxurious hotel restaurant "Keturi vejai". Restaurant "Keturi vejai" is the only panoramic restaurant in Druskininkai. Here you will experience unique moments, admiring the breathtaking views of the Druskininkai pine forests and tasting gastronomic masterpieces. The chef of the restaurant, Tomas Mockūnas, will delight you with gourmet dishes that will surprise everyone's taste buds, and when you taste them, you will feel like you are in a little France.

The best deals on procedures

"Grand SPA Lietuva" is famous for the abundance and quality of the procedures offered, so a visit to the water entertainment and sauna complex in Druskininkai can become a great day's rest. Druskininkai mineral water, which has excellent healing properties, is included in many spa treatments and water park pools. The first mineral water well was drilled back in 1930, so the properties of Druskininkai mineral water have been known since ancient times.

Here you can try mineral water baths, various therapeutic mud procedures, professional therapeutic and relaxing massages are performed in the complex, and those who want to recover from injuries or strengthen their health are recommended to choose physiotherapy or physiotherapy services. In addition, "Grand SPA Lietuva" conducts laboratory tests and offers consultations with specialists and doctors, individual wellness programs are created here, and one of the best dental clinics is equipped. So, there is really no shortage of choice here. If you choose the "Grand SPA Lietuva" wellness and recreation complex, you will definitely not regret it and you will be able to confidently combine treatment and relaxation.

Grand SPA Lithuania water park

For those who want active rest, "Grand SPA Lietuva" offers a visit to the spacious water park. The "Grand SPA Lietuva" water park is waiting for you with various swimming pools, impressive descent tracks and other entertainment. Those who want to relax can visit the jacuzzi, and there is a special children's pool for the smallest ones.

After the pleasures of the sauna, you are invited to enjoy the steam, outdoor, infrared, Finnish and hammam saunas or refresh yourself in the unique ice room. In order to satisfy the needs of every vacationer, Grand SPA Lietuva has also equipped an outdoor tennis court, table tennis tables and a modern gym in its spaces.

For those staying for a longer period of time, the complex has even prepared several accommodation options, so every guest of the complex will find their own relaxation option here. One of the options is Hotel "Lietuva" PLUS, where you will find comfortable, bright and cozy single, double and mini-luxury rooms, Hotel "Druskininkai" with extremely original, uniquely designed rooms and apartments, and luxurious PLUS apartment hotel "Dzūkija".

The most popular 2-night vacation with water entertainment at Hotel Lietuva is ideal for couples who want to have fun in the water park area. Luxurious rest for two in the 4* PLUS hotel "Dzūkija" in Druskininkai is recommended for those looking for exceptional luxury and attention.

If you choose a gift voucher for a visit to the wellness and recreation complex "Grand SPA Lietuva" Druskininkai - you can't go wrong! Every person will find activities here and satisfy their expectations. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a romantic vacation, want to improve your health, change the established environment and spend an unconventional weekend or come with the whole family - "Grand SPA Lietuva" will satisfy everyone's needs.

So don't wait for anything and come to the wellness and recreation complex "Grand SPA Lietuva" in Druskininkai . The professionalism of the staff of the complex, excellent rest and mouth-watering food, positive reviews and a large selection of entertainment and various entertainments speak for themselves! We wish you a pleasant and meaningful stay and unforgettable experiences in the wellness and recreation complex "Grand SPA Lietuva" in Druskininkai!