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Cottage for rent in Skitunäs

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The warmth of a beach sauna and the atmosphere of a grill house in Pyhtää, I can 110 km from Helsinki.

Seaside cottage Skitunäs villa in Southern Finland Pyhtää:

Villa Skitunäs is a wonderful holiday destination for you and your family or even for your company's meeting and recreation needs in Pyhtää, only about 100 km from Helsinki. Skitunäs's rental cabin is a fully equipped holiday apartment suitable for year-round use, located right by the sea on a beautiful wooded lawn. The rental cottage has extensive terraces, a boat pier, a campfire site, a beach and a log barbecue hut. Rowing boat available.

A large villa as a fishing cabin, for relaxation or as a party place:

The Skitunäs rental cabin is located in the heart of nature, right on the seashore. A dense pine forest grows all around, which offers great outdoor experiences both in summer and winter. In front of the cottage, the back of the open sea opens all the way to Loviisa, and the sea offers wonderful nature experiences to visitors all year round. You can row and swim and in winter enjoy the snowy winter landscapes and go ice skating and fishing.

A large seaside cottage offers a pleasant setting to relax, hold meetings and celebrate even with a larger group. The cabin in Skitunäs is a perfect place for a bachelor party and also a good option as a venue for, for example, birthday parties or even small-scale family gatherings. The neighbors are behind a small forest, but quite close, so please remember to respect the peace of other cottagers, especially outside.

Accommodation for 10-12 people in the rental cottage:

Skitunäs rental cottage is best suited for about 10 people. There are beds for 12 in the cabin, but if necessary, a few extra people can be accommodated in the loft and in the living room with e.g. spare mattresses. All beds have blankets and pillows, and linen can be rented if necessary. The loft also has a few spare mattresses and blankets and pillows for the needs of even a larger group.

Large living room, fireplace and a pool table on the loft. The fireplace is not bulky, but it creates a wonderful atmosphere in the cabin, especially in the dark autumn and winter evenings. Downstairs there are three bedrooms and a separate sleeping loft above the sauna. The cabin has a small wood-heated cabin sauna, a washing and dressing room and two toilets. The large loft has sleeping quarters for six and a large wooden billiard table suitable for fun games.

A well-equipped kitchen and dining area for 10 people:

The rental cottage has a fully equipped cooking kitchen and comprehensive cutlery and serving dishes for about 14 people. The kitchen has a stove, oven, dishwasher, tall freezer, separate low fridge and microwave. The kitchen also has a coffee machine, a kettle, a toaster and a whisk. There is crockery and ample serving dishes for about 14 people. There are also wine glasses and sparkling wine glasses in the cabin. Dishwashing liquid is included in the rent. The dining area has a dining table for 10 people.

There is also a small separate dining table on the upper floor, which you can bring downstairs if you wish. Sauna, washrooms and 2 x toilets The rental cabin has a small, atmospheric cabin sauna. The board is about 1.8 meters long, so the sauna can hold 3-4 bathers at a time. The sauna has a wood-heated stove, the washroom has a shower and a toilet. The cabin also has a separate toilet. Firewood can be found in the firewood storeroom on the wall of the warehouse.

Three bedrooms on the ground floor, a sleeping loft and a bunk bed

Downstairs there are 3 bedrooms with 2 x 80 cm separate beds next to each other. In the two bedrooms, the beds can also be placed separately Above the sauna is a bunk bed with 1 x 120 cm bed. Access to the sleeping quarters via ladders from the sauna terrace. In the loft, a billiard table and 5 x 80 cm beds.

The cabin has a separate wood-heated beach sauna by the sea:

In addition to the cabin sauna, Skitunäs has a separate wood-heated beach sauna right by the sea. The beach sauna is a stylish trolley sauna towed to the cliff, which can accommodate about 10 bathers at a time. In the beach sauna, you can enjoy soft baths and a wonderful sea view. There is also a small cooling terrace in front of the sauna.

A lawn yard and a charming nautical milieu. The log cabin in Skitunäs is located right on the seashore. The yard of Skitunäs rental cottage is a grassy, ​​fairly natural seaside yard that opens to the west. Alder and maple grow near the beach. In the vicinity of the pier there is a rocky beach that leads gently towards the sea. There is a gentle rocky, hard-bottomed beach at the water's edge. There are a few lounge chairs in stock, which you can carry to the beach cliff if you wish.

On the terrace, a gas grill and a dining table for 8 people _

The rental cabin has a large veranda with a seating group for about 8 people. The sauna terrace has a seating group for four. Next to the main entrance, there is also a barbecue terrace with a separate gas grill and the possibility of outdoor dining.

Right next to the beach, there is a beach terrace and a nice campfire place for even a larger group. On the terrace, a log seating group and a future dining table. More chairs can be found in stock.Atmospheric barbecue hut at the edge of the forest There is also a log barbecue hut with an open fire at the edge of the forest. The grill house has room for about 8-10 people. The grill house has a campfire stand and a grill grate. Koda also has a few halters available. In addition, there is an additional grid available in stock, which can be adjusted to the campfire stand if desired. Kotanuotio is also perfectly suited for winter grilling. On the benches, warming the lambs on cool autumn and winter evenings.

At the seaside, a pier and a beach suitable for swimming:

A gentle terrace and stairs lead to the beach from the sauna facilities of the rental cottage. There is a jetty on the beach, which is built high due to changes in the sea level. There are swimming stairs at the end of the pier, so you can swim. The water depth at the end of the pier is about 1 meter, so never jump from the pier into the water. The beach is shallow and gets deeper gradually, so it is also suitable for children. On the left side of the pier is a sandy beach with rocks the size of a good fist. At the longer end of the pier, the bottom of the sea is natural sand, a rather hard bottom. The sea often freezes in January at the latest, and then you can make an opening at the end of the pier if you wish. The swimming ladder is usually removed in December at the latest, so that the winter storms do not tear them apart.

Rowing boat available Skitunäs rental cottage also offers opportunities for boating and fishing. A rowing boat is included in the rent of the cottage at no additional charge. A small boat ramp has been built on the shore for a rowing boat. Due to the height fluctuations of sea water, it is important to always pull the boat up after use, so that the rising water does not break the boat on the shore rock. A buoy is also available on the beach.

The offer includes :
  • Skitunås rental cabin;
  • One night accommodation for 12 people Su-Thurs;
  • Use of the sauna;
  • Use of a rowing boat;
  • Using the grill;


The offer is not valid on public holidays, nor between June and August.

Offer valid on weekdays, Su-Th.

Linens are not included in the rental prices of the cottage. If you wish, you can reserve towels and sheets for yourself from the cottage.

The rental cabin is available to the tenant for weekly reservations, usually from 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival until 12:00 on the day of departure.

The customer takes care of cleaning the cabin during and at the end of the vacation, unless otherwise agreed and charged at the time of the order. If, at the end of the reservation, the cleaning has not been carried out carefully and the lessor has to take care of it before the arrival of the next customer, the lessor has the right to charge a cleaning fee of at least 75 euros.

Cancellation must always be made in writing.

If the cancellation occurs less than 2 months before the start of the reservation, the entire reservation amount will be charged.

If the cancellation takes place earlier than 2 months, the price of the first night will be charged. Payments are not refunded. If there is a force majeure, the lessor can cancel the reservation. In that case, the customer has the right to get the amount he paid back in full. If the reservation has to be interrupted due to disruptive behavior, the payments will not be refunded.

Data sheet
Address: Skitunäsintie 272, 49270 Pyhtää
Persons: 1-12
Clothes: No clothing requirements
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: Offer valid all year round, excluding Christmas, New Year and June-August
Validity of accomondation: Valid only on work days
Season of accomodation: All the year round
Number of nights: 1
Country: Finland
Region Finland: Southwest Finland
Cities in Finland: Pyhtää
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
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280,00 €

Service supplier:
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