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  • Finland (4)
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  • Pyhtää (3)
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Rental cabins for year-round vacation Rental cabins are suitable for year-round use and offer a cozy accommodation option next to nature. All cottages have swimming facilities and a rowing boat available.

Pyhtää's cottages have their own private garden yard, Kotka's Rantakari holiday home is located in the yard of a single-family house and has its own private dock and sea terrace.

Our rental cabins are well-equipped and comfortable vacation spots close to nature, suitable for year-round use. Terraces and well-kept yard areas offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. All cabins have a gas grill and garden furniture. Several cabins also have a campfire site.

The rental cabins have good facilities for 5-12 people, depending on the destination. Struka's riverside villa and Kivikoski's riverside cottage are located about 50 meters from each other and can also be booked together. In this case, up to 20 people can be accommodated in the cabins. Skitunäs and Struka have billiards on the loft. Kivikoski and Struka can also be rented separately.

Come and relax at the cabin, enjoy the glow of the fireplace and the soft steam of the wood-heated saunas. Take a break from everyday life and come to Kymenlaakso with your family or friends for a cabin holiday by nature.