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Suomen Ilmailumuseo

Located next to Finland's main airport, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the aviation museum offers its visitors excitement and an inspiring information bank about the aviation history of Finland. Get to know the domestic aviation equipment and offer yourself or a loved one a unique flight simulator experience.

Arrive at the Finnish Aviation Museum easily using public transport or light traffic routes. There is a parking space for those arriving by car. The museum's three halls are open to visitors every day, and private events and guided tours are also available if you want to fully experience what aviation has to offer.

Suomen Ilmailumuseo

In the exhibition of the Finnish Aviation Museum you will find airplanes designed and used by Finns. The exhibition consists of dozens of airplanes and other objects related to aviation, such as engines, propellers, miniature models and communication devices.

The Finnish Aviation Museum is worth a visit, as the museum has a collection of thousands of objects from the aviation industry, including archival and photographic materials. The museum has a basic exhibition, as well as special exhibitions. The aviation museum has two large exhibition halls, where you can find airplanes from the entire aviation history of Finland. The airplanes have been presented creatively, for example as flying from the roof level.

If you want to experience a guided tour, you can participate in an hour-long guided tour. Under the guidance of a guide, you will get to know the basic exhibition and the history of Finnish military and civil aviation. Guided tours are customized for individual customers, kindergartens, schools and adult groups.

The Finnish Aviation Museum also has a flight simulator that offers aviation experiences. The use of the flight simulator is assisted by an experienced trainer.

The Finnish Aviation Museum is located in Vantaa Aviapolis at Karhumäentie 12 (Tietotie 3), 01530 Vantaa. You can get to the Aviation Museum easily by public transport, by bike or on foot.