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Sipoonjoen perinnesauna

Havuhattu Oy offers the best-rated sauna experience at the foot of Sipoo National Park. The traditional sauna built underground offers private events, public sauna shifts and various themed events built around sauna.

Sipoonjoki's traditional sauna is by no means limited to just saunas, but if they wish, visitors can combine saunas with other experiences, such as an exciting forest walk and various treatments. A comprehensive sauna experience in wonderful natural landscapes is a domestic experience without equal.

Sipoonjoen perinnesauna

We are experts in sauna tradition. The Sipoonjoki traditional sauna is for all sauna lovers. Our experience with the sauna tradition has shown how a sauna can be much more than a place to wash. Our years of experience in various sauna events and saunas, combined with our knowledge of sauna tradition, enables you to have a unique experience at Sipoonjoki's traditional sauna. Space to be and enjoy The log cabin connected to the sauna, the terrace path through the forest and the spacious patio in front of the country sauna create a peaceful and pleasant setting for your sauna experience. to make a fire or, for example, fry sausages during or after a sauna session. The place is most conveniently reached by your own car or bicycle, but you can also take the bus (line 841 from Itäkeskus, Broböle stop) about a kilometer away. Hindsbyntie, along which we are located, is a popular cycling route in the summer. The staff is always available. We will personally guide you to the sauna practices. We are also available during the entire sauna experience and also after if you have any questions. You might also find us on the boards of the sauna with you!Nature experiences nearby The Sipoonjoki traditional sauna is a nature experience in itself, because it is located next to large forests. Sipoonkorvi National Park is only a few kilometers away, so you can conveniently combine a visit to the national park with a sauna experience if you wish.