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Jaunmoku Pils

Jaunmoku Castle offers a wonderful vacation together with friends or family. By visiting Jaunmoku Castle, you will be able to visit Kurzeme and enjoy magnificent natural landscapes, as well as get acquainted with the history of the castle. Educational activities and excursions, diverse events and celebrations, hotel accommodation - everything for your most beautiful moments in one place!

The history of Jaunmokus Castle goes back 120 years, but the settlement of Jaunmokus was mentioned already in the middle of the 16th century. Jaunmoku Palace, in which Neo-Gothic forms are combined with Art Nouveau elements, has a special place among Latvian architectural masterpieces. The castle was built in 1901 according to the project of the architect Vilhelm Bokslaff (1858-1945) as a hunting and recreation castle of the head of the city of Riga Georges Armitstead (1847-1912).

The hotel offers royal relaxation in the countryside surrounded by Kurzeme hills. At the Jaunmoku Palace Hotel, you will feel how generously the palace and its surroundings pamper you with today's biggest deficit - unusual peace and unexaggerated beauty. Palace visitors are offered a choice of accommodation according to their mood or situation - in three different buildings and furnishings. A luxurious and romantic overnight stay in the castle in two rooms with a view of the rose garden and the courtyard, a peaceful rest in the rooms of the Manor building or a family stay in the Pond House.

After resting in Jaunmoku Castle, you will feel as if you have gone on a beautiful journey, because the aura of the castle will give you completely different feelings. You will be able to renew your energy in a peaceful atmosphere and indulge in new adventures.

Jaunmoku Pils

Jaunmoku Palace offers a great vacation for the whole family in Kurzeme! It is possible to enjoy various services in the palace - educational activities and excursions, various events, celebrations and overnight stays at the hotel.

Jaunmoku Palace offers a museum tour. In the museum, you can learn more about the history of the castle and the castle complex, as well as view various exhibitions of the Latvian Nature Forest Museum.

A beautiful and exclusive hotel has been installed in Jaunmoku Palace. Possibility to spend the night in the castle rooms, the manor building rooms and the pond house. The rooms and buildings are furnished according to the style of the manor.

Celebrate your holidays, conduct seminars and other events. The castle offers a wide area and rooms designed to host people for various events. It is also possible to enjoy a diverse offer, such as afternoon tea.