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in 1948 Built in Finland, the barquentine "Meridian" sailed the seas for twenty years as a training sailing vessel and served to train future sailors and captains. in 1968 the ship was written off, but its history not only did not end there, but took a new course, which led to "Meridianas" becoming an inseparable part of the city of Klaipėda
a part of the landscape and a symbol of the port city.

After decommissioning, the sailboat was brought to Klaipėda and handed over to the canteens, restaurants and cafes trust of the port city. After the reconstruction of the ship and adapting it for public catering activities, the ship was moored at the embankment of the Danė river and in 1971 a restaurant started operating in it, which even today brings nostalgic memories to Klaipėda residents and city guests.

These memories could have remained only memories, and "Meridian" was even threatened to end up at the bottom of the sea due to its tragic condition, but as Christmas 2014 approaches, the legend returns: after in 2012, with the initiative and efforts of Klaipėda businessmen Aloyz Kuzmarskis and Aidos Kaveckis, "Meridianas" was saved from decay,
in a couple of years, it was rebuilt and re-equipped, and the restaurant started operating on the ship again.

The interior of the rebuilt ship differs from the previous one in its spacious layout, bright colors and exclusive details and accessories. For example, the main hall of the restaurant has a glass floor, under which you can see the preserved old wooden structures of the ship, special portholes are installed on both sides, unlike before, through which you can see not only what is happening on shore, but also much more.