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Motorized tandem paragliding

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In paragliding, you fly with a wing that resembles a parachute, i.e. a paraglider. A tandem flight is performed together with the pilot, whereby the passenger sits in a separate harness in the front during the flight. The start is made by jogging or lightly running against the wind. If desired, the flight route can be planned in advance, if possible, so that during the flight you can take aerial photos of, for example, your own house and home areas.

The paragliding experience is suitable for almost all basically healthy people who can run a short distance. Tandem flying is an excellent bachelor party surprise and also a good way to test whether a loved one would like to start a new hobby in the form of paragliding.

The offer includes :
  • Tandem paragliding for one;
  • A 10-20 minute introduction to the basics of docking guided by an experienced pilot;
  • The use of a paramotor and a newly launched tandem parachute under the guidance of an experienced pilot;
  • Using a windproof flight suit;
  • Use of hearing protection helmet, helmet cap and gloves;
  • A short video shot with a GoPro camera during the flight;


The experience is not recommended if the person has been diagnosed with e.g. heart disease, panic disorder or other similar serious illness. The maximum weight to be flown is 90 kg. Participants aged 15–17 only with the consent of the guardian, over 60 at discretion or with a doctor's certificate. The alcohol limit is zero. Otherwise, the flight will be canceled and the service provider or Kokemukaupa will not have a repayment obligation. The same applies if the person to be flown has given false or implausible information about himself. Located in summer in Leivonmäki and in winter in the nearby areas of Jyväskylä from the ice, e.g. Jyväsjärvi, Palokkajärvi or Päijänne. Place and travel allowances to be agreed separately, if further than 50 kilometers from Jyväskylä. Other participants should take their cameras with them, low flybys can be made with a motorized paraglider. Damage to the paraglider is possible due to a fall or incorrect reactions during takeoff or landing. The experience tries to minimize the risks as low as possible, and therefore it is important to follow the given instructions. The flight includes passenger insurance, maximum compensation €365,000.

Data sheet
Address: Leivonmäki or 50 km away in the vicinity of Jyväskylä
Duration: 1 hour
Persons: 1
Clothes: Weather appropriate clothing
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: All year
Country: Finland
Region Finland: Central Finland
Cities in Finland: Jyväskylä
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
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325,00 €

Service supplier:
044-9843843 antti.tuutti@gmail.com