Flight with a paraglider is an incredible experience above the ground. Choose and embark on the adventurous world of paragliding. Experience incredible experiences, feel a sense of freedom and observe the world from above. Paragliding is not only a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones, but it is a special source of travel moments, memories and joy. It is an exceptional gift for those who are eager to experience new challenges and enjoy the pleasure of freedom above the sky.
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  • Latgale (1)
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  • Daugavpils (1)
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  • Śląskie (1)
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  • Żywiec (1)
  • Bielsko-Biała (1)
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  • Uusimaa (2)
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  • Nurmijärvi (1)
  • Jyväskylä (1)
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  • Tampere (1)

Paragliding is a wonderful gift for you and your loved ones that can be chosen from our offers. Enjoy this unforgettable experience and an increased level of adrenaline, feel the spirit of freedom, and fly with the wind with only the wing of the paraglider hovering above your head and earth racing beneath our feet. A paraglider can become a perfect means of transport for those that are not afraid of heights and are ready to glide with wind whooshing in their ears as well as to watch the scudding earth beneath their feet together with the flying birds. Key things you need to know before selecting this activity:

  • The Place. During the paragliding, a wonderful panorama of nature and cities will unclose from the bird’s eye view. You will be able to select an offer that suits you the best and is in your selected spot in Lithuania and Latvia.

  • Duration. The duration of paragliding depends on your selected offer. The duration of educational paragliding is 7–15 minutes. Those that want to experience this amusing activity for longer, can try the route paragliding that takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Get ready to feel the spirit of freedom as you will jump from 500 m – 2 km of height, depending on the selected offer. During the route paragliding, you can fly 15–30 kilometres.

  • Safety. Safe paragliding and joyous moments will be assured by an experienced instructor. Gift of paragliding is a perfect opportunity to learn the subtlety of flying from a professional, try to operate the wing, perform simple aerobatic figures, and gain new skills.

  • Clothing. Your attire should be comfortable and not constraining your movements.

  • Air conditions. In order to assure the maximum safety and comfort, flights are performed when the air conditions are beneficial: without rainfall and strong winds. This activity can be performed during the period of April­–October.

  • Preparation. The preparation for the paragliding can take up to 4 hours.

  • Restrictions. Individuals younger than 18 years ought to have written consent from their parents/guardians.

  • Other. During the flight, you can take your photo- or video camera with you and capture these joyful moments.

Gift coupon for paragliding will help to fulfil your dream or a dream of someone that is dear to you, so, give them a gift of paragliding! For those that want to learn more about ways to rise above the ground, we suggest getting acquainted with our other offers of flights.