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Are you looking for an original way to spend your free time? Why not try sailing on a yacht in the Kaunas lagoon! You will experience unforgettable experiences on yacht or catamaran trips organized by Ramūnas Skliaustis. Here you can have fun celebrating your birthdays, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, organize your free time with friends, or otherwise have fun.
and be in nature.

Try sailing on a yacht. Take a romantic swim in the sun with your loved one or celebrate personal holidays or just have fun with a group of friends.
For those who want to celebrate in a large company of people, we suggest you try a Bentley catamaran. This is an original pantone catamaran of exceptional design and quality made in the USA. For your comfort, leather soft soles, tables, audio equipment, wc, changing cabin, night lighting are on board. The transparent awning on board will protect you from rain and grass. So here you will definitely be able to spend your free time in an original and comfortable way.