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Restorāns - bārs Meka

Restaurant - bar Meka is located a little outside of Jelgava, in Ozolniekos. A small but spacious family restaurant with a wide range of drinks, delicious food and a great atmosphere.

This will be a great place to celebrate your family holidays, such as birthdays. The restaurant has separate rooms for your celebration, as well as a children's playroom, so that even the smallest visitors can have fun. In the summer, the Bar Meka experience will be even better, as it is possible to enjoy meals on the outdoor terrace.

The homely and cozy atmosphere, delicious food and drinks will allow you to enjoy a truly charming time in this family restaurant. The restaurant team will make sure that you enjoy every moment. From time to time, the restaurant also hosts live music evenings, as well as a dance floor where you can have a fun dance.

It is possible to request a special table setting for the restaurant team to make your special life moments even more significant. Meka's creative team will be happy to surprise you and create a charming festive atmosphere.

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Restorāns - bārs Meka
Restorāns - bārs Meka Google 4.5 / (1580)

Bar "Meka" is a great place to relax for everyone - it's a small bar, in the heart of Zemglae. The bar offers a wide selection of drinks, everyone can enjoy delicious meals and a great atmosphere throughout the year.

Although the name of the place is a bar, the place is also suitable for families with children. A children's corner has been set up in Mecca, so that even the smallest guests can enjoy a nice rest and parents can have a little easier time enjoying the delicious food in the bar.

Bar "Meka" also offers to celebrate holidays, as the bar has separate rooms for a more intimate atmosphere. Also, in the summer season, the bar has the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere on the outdoor terrace. And for those who like to move, there is an opportunity to jump into a dance donut, because the bar also has a dance floor.