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Restaurant Gray is a modern and unique restaurant located in the center of Vilnius. Once you enter this place, you will immediately be pleasantly impressed by the image it presents, and where else is the impressive menu waiting for you...

Grey's lunch. Every working day, a special lunch offer of the day is waiting for you, prepared by the restaurant's chefs. You'll usually be offered a soup and salad/main course, and you'll get to try Grey's homemade lemonade. Also, if you choose lunch of the day, coffee or tea will cost only 1 euro.

Gray drinks. In addition to the usual soft drinks (Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc.) and water, Gray also offers its own non-alcoholic cocktails, such as Gray forest berry, Gray green, Gray purple, etc. In the restaurant you can also order coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages drinks.

Gray The menu. Here you will find all kinds of offers! Grey's offers you a taste of their signature appetizers before ordering any of the main dishes, most of which are grilled. You can also get salads and soups in this restaurant.

Restaurant Gray also offers a separate children's menu, created especially for the little ones, so that it looks attractive and stimulates the appetite. You will also find a menu for events, according to which dishes and snacks are served stylishly and deliciously. Restaurant Gray is an oasis of special flavors.