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Varjolan Tila

At Varjola's farm, which specializes in rural experiences, you will stay at a high standard and enjoy the numerous experiences offered by the environment. There are numerous options for accommodation, from smaller rooms to luxurious apartments. The farm has its own restaurant and sauna section, where travelers can fully enjoy themselves with sips.

Varjola's estate definitely belongs to the top class of domestic experiences, combining Finnish traditions and nature with modern activities in a wonderful way. Experiences are available all year round and within the framework of the weekly program you can participate without separate reservations. The program includes, among other things, rafting, eFat cycling, arctic rafting and snowmobile safaris.

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Varjolan Tila
Varjolan Tila Google 4.4 / (353)

Varjolan Tila is a house full of hospitality. Varjola is an atmospheric tourist farm located in a rural rapids milieu in central Finland, Laukaa, only half an hour's drive from Jyväskylä.

Farming and raising cattle have been practiced at Varjolan Farm for more than five generations. Travel services are carried out with the same passion: trusting in tradition, with enthusiasm for the new.

What would pure rural food, authentic flavors, wild nature adventures, experiential saunas and versatile accommodation options sound like? Varjo offers more than 30 different activities, so there are options for every situation! Whether it's summer or winter, building teamwork or bachelor parties - you can find an alternative to your liking. Activities are carried out with more than 20 years of experience, investing in quality and professionalism.

In the peace of the countryside, near the Kuusa rapids. Varjolan Tila offers a downright idyllic setting, rustic rooms for staying in the heart of nature. You can enjoy gentle baths with a smoke word. The heat of the smoke sauna really takes its toll.

The full-service house offers everything needed for successful events, from meetings to family parties and all festive situations. Do you know of meetings, team meetings and meetings? Varjolan Tila offers versatile meeting facilities, from activities to meeting days. The spaces really exude relaxed togetherness, equalizing competition and raising the spirit of togetherness. Meeting in the peace of the countryside makes work feel like a vacation. There are meeting rooms for both smaller and larger groups. Your wishes are listened to and activity packages are tailored for you according to your wishes. So choose the adventures you like and come and enjoy yourself!