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Kokemuslento Oy

Kokemuslento, which organizes hot air balloon flights, is a company that coordinates domestic hot air balloon flights, from which you can enjoy safe and skillful flights. Flights are organized in several different locations and you can take the flight alone, in pairs or in a group.

Popular public flights collect a whole bunch of hot air balloons in the sky, so the sky is filled with beautiful colors and a magical atmosphere. Flights are topped off with a glass of sparkling wine. The hot air balloon experience is the perfect gift idea when you want to offer something unique to the hero of the party.

Kokemuslento Oy

Kokemuslento Oy's hot air balloon flight is a unique experience that everyone should experience! A hot air balloon flight offers the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque scenery above the sky for about an hour.

People are often surprised by the smoothness of the ride and how easily the ball floats off the ground. The ball actually travels comfortably in the wind. Flight safety is guaranteed thanks to experienced pilots. The hot air balloon equipment is also modern, and the equipment is maintained at regular intervals.

You can choose a hot air balloon flight as a shared experience or a private hot air balloon flight. With a private hot air balloon flight, you can enjoy VIP treatment: you can choose where the flight takes off and with whom you share the experience. The timing of the flights always depends a little on the season. At different times of the year, flights can be implemented slightly in stages. In summer, the flights are in the evenings and early in the morning, when the wind is favorable for a hot air balloon flight. In winter, on the other hand, you can fly in bright daylight.

For the hot air balloon experience, you should prepare according to the weather. Of course, the balloon burner emits heat into the basket, but it is still recommended to equip yourself according to the season, possibly with a hat, gloves, and suitable footwear that you can easily walk in the field and in the woods where the hot air balloon may land.