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Jaunpils pils

Jaunpils Castle is truly special with its aura and ancient walls that show pride and rich history. This castle is like a gateway to the past, offering everyone the opportunity to go deeper and enjoy a real medieval atmosphere, as well as to put yourself in the shoes of ancient barons while staying in the palace apartments.

The magnificence of the ancient walls and architectural details give visitors the opportunity to travel through time and get to know Latvia's historical heritage. Jaunpils Castle not only tells the story of its past, but also creates an opportunity to observe and appreciate the elegance of medieval construction.

Luxurious medieval apartments offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive experience, to assume the role of medieval barons, relax in an ancient environment and feel the characteristics of that time. Every corner and every piece of art inside the castle has been carefully preserved and restored to provide an authentic medieval experience.

Jaunpils Castle provides a rare opportunity to look into the lifestyle of the ancient aristocracy, offering an exclusive opportunity to forget about the present and turn back time. It is like a journey back in time, inviting visitors to experience and respect Latvia's historical heritage and medieval cultural riches. Jaunpils Castle is not only a building, but also a story that is continued and shared with those who want to step into the past and experience the life of ancient barons.

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Jaunpils pils
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Jaunpils Castle is a knight's manor built in the 14th century. Initially, it was the largest private estate in Tukuma. The castle has suffered a lot over the centuries and has been rebuilt several times, but it has retained the characteristic features of the castles of the order, such as the round corner tower and the thick walls. The castle as you can see it today hides a museum, rooms for weddings, seminars and banquets, a medieval inn and a hotel.

In the medieval pub, you can taste an unforgettable medieval feast according to ancient traditions. You will enjoy your meal by candlelight and to the rhythm of ancient music. Choose from a feast that will either be served with wooden spoons or you'll have to eat from a bowl with your hands in the traditional style. Here you will also have the opportunity to dress up in medieval clothes and go on a tour of the castle. The restaurant offers daily dishes, as well as catering for celebrations, seminars or other events both inside and outside the palace.

The Jaunpils region is historically known for its work and cultural traditions, therefore in the Jaunpils Castle Museum you have the opportunity to see models of how Jaunpils and Dobeles Castle looked originally, as well as to see weapons and armor from the times of the Livonian Order. In the castle, you will also find an exhibition hall, which often features works of art by local artists. There are many stories and legends about the castle, many of which you will be able to learn by visiting Jaunpils Castle.

In Jaunpils Castle, you can also spend the night in one of the picturesque medieval apartments or in one of the rooms. The castle can accommodate up to 79 people in total, and you have the opportunity to choose the accommodation that suits you best. Spending the night in Jaunpils Palace will not be the same as staying in a hotel, here you have the opportunity to enjoy the history and special aura.

Enjoy your special day or a simple weekend in a romantic atmosphere, go to Jaunpils Palace and experience one of the attractions, or enjoy the scenic surroundings!

Palace address: Dzirnavu street, Jaunpils, Jaunpils parish, LV-3145, Latvia