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Manicures and Pedicures

There are 2 products.
  • 56,00 €

    Gražiai sutvarkyti ir nulakuoti nagai bei švelni rankų oda – tobulas derinys. Su šiuo pasiūlymu Jums bus atlikta parafino terapija rankoms bei manikiūras pagal Jūsų rankų odos ir nagų poreikius bei pagal pageidavimus. Po parafino terapijos gausybė maitinančių ir drėkinančių medžiagų, esančių parafine, atkurs Jūsų rankų odos stangrumą, minkštumą ir...

    56,00 €

    Gatineau Vilnius person time 2 val. 30 min. - 3 val.
  • 28,50 €

    28,50 €

    Nofrete Riga person time 1 hour

Do you have no idea how to impress your loved one? The gift of a manicure and pedicure is a perfect way to surprise your loved ones. During these unique procedures, professional beauticians will awake the power of beauty inside of you. Please your hands and feet, fortify your nails, and pick a special colour for them! We offer you the services of a manicure and a pedicure in most Lithuanian cities.

A manicure is a special occasion to pamper your loved one. During the procedure a professional manicure is made: nails are done perfectly, cuticles are attended, and the shape of nails is adjusted.

Professionals will always answer questions that matter to you the most, advise you, and take good care of your hands and nails. You can choose a manicure with additional procedures as well as a gel manicure or a traditional manicure. The gel manicure stays up to 3 weeks, so you can rejoice over your perfectly done nails for quite some time. The manicure with additional procedures will make your afternoon in the beauty salon even more special. Hand scrubbing, hand bath or relaxing hand massage can be performed.

Main features:

  • usually, manicure takes about 1.30–2 hours;

  • you can choose from manicure and gel manicure;

  • the offer can be used throughout the whole year;

  • there are no requirements for the apparel;

  • usually, registration in advance is required.

A pedicure is a wonderful procedure for every lady. During this procedure, a professional pedicure is done. You will feel and see the difference straight away: your feet will become soft, you will not feel any callus, and your nails will have a neat and aesthetic look with adjusted and corrected shape. You will also be able to choose a long-lasting gel pedicure that you will be delighted with for almost 3 weeks.

If you select a pedicure with procedures, not only your nails will be taken care of but also your skin. Paraffin therapy is an effective procedure helping to soften the coarse skin of your feet. After leaving the beauty salon you will feel revived and be able to rejoice over your wonderful feet for quite a long time.

Main features:

  • usually, professional pedicure takes about 2 hours;

  • you can choose from pedicure and gel pedicure;

  • the offer can be used throughout the whole year;

  • there are no requirements for the apparel;

  • usually, registration in advance is required.

The gift coupon of a manicure and pedicure is guaranteed confidence in yourself, glamour, and femininity.