Hair care



Hair is one of the essential highlights of beauty. If you noticed that you are losing your hair, they lost their colour or shining, it is time to go to an oasis of hair beauty where you can pamper your hair with professional hair care treatments!

We use only high-quality professional products and tools. You can choose from a variety of restorative procedures, professional model haircut, colouring and straightening. Some offers include a relaxing head massage, hair washing, spraying, pampering with oils and masks. Haircare will not only revitalize your hair but also give you a respite from your daily routine.

During the procedures, gentle cleansing and softening of the scalp, reduction of skin irritation, effective regulation of skin fat release, makes the hair pleasantly soft and strong, regaining all its vitality and charm.

The men who want to look flawless will also find great suggestions. Your image will be created by beauty salon professionals who provide stylish haircuts or professional help in combating hair loss.

The main features:

  • Gift Coupon of Hair Care is valid for twelve months;

  • Gift of Hair Care is for one person;

  • the offer is available throughout the year;

  • there are no requirements for clothing;

  • depending on the suggestion, most procedures take about one hour;

  • pre-registration is required.