Style and Beauty

Style and beauty courses are a great opportunity to learn new skills and increase self-confidence. In these lessons, you can learn how to emphasize your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd, using the experience and knowledge of experienced professionals. Our selection of style and beauty lessons are for anyone who wants to improve and feel better.
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Keen on learning new skills and building self-confidence? Style and Beauty Classes – just what you need! Highlight your uniqueness and acquire the knowledge and experience of true professionals in their field. Our selection of styling classes and personalized makeup lessons will provide you with more confidence. After all, there is no limit to improvement, and life is too short to miss the chance to learn something new every day.

Gift Style and Beauty Classes is the key to femininity. All the secrets are revealed in a nurturing community where every woman can feel special.

The course teaches beautiful posture that not only makes a woman attractive but also improves her well-being. Your posture will be correct, your pace will be breath-taking, your gaze will be enchanting. From now on you will be seen from afar. Special practices will help You create an aura of charm and attractiveness. Most importantly, You will begin to increase your self-confidence and develop feminine power.

Gift coupon of Style and Beauty Classes can also be beauty courses that include makeup lessons, and teach performance techniques that are appropriate for everyday use. During style lessons, a professional makeup artist shares helpful tips, and each lesson gives you even more confidence, inner strength, and exterior beauty. At the end of the course, your unique image is captured.

Main features:

  • duration varies, one class usually lasts 1.5 hours;

  • available throughout the year;

  • all the necessary tools are provided, only professional cosmetics are applied;

  • classes take place in groups;

  • age of participants – 16 years and more;

  • no requirements for the clothing. You may be asked to bring high heels or sandals to the classes;

  • pre-registration is required.


During an individual makeup lesson, you will get acquainted with the makeup technique and products that suit you the best, get detailed information about makeup that matches your skin type and shape of your eyes, and also learn to distinguish and use the makeup brushes. Gain some knowledge and experience from makeup specialists! Create your look and highlight the most beautiful features of your face. From now on evening makeup or occasional makeup will become mission possible!

Main features:

  • the duration varies but, usually, the lesson takes about 2–3 hours;

  • the offer can be used throughout the year;

  • during the lesson all necessary makeup products will be provided;

  • depending on the offer, professional photographs can be taken of the makeup and a certificate can be provided;

  • preregistration is necessary.


Be beautiful and healthy with biocosmetics! You are welcome to try the original way of spending your leisure time – aromatherapy! It is a delicate art and science of how to achieve total harmony through natural scents. During these classes, you will learn about natural essential oils, attars, extracts and their aromatherapy power, mix and create scents that positively impact health, beauty and emotions. During the class, you will create the scent of your home using natural remedies. After the class, enjoy your own handmade aromatherapy spray home fragrance!

Creation Ritual of a Personal Scent is a fun, relaxing experiential activity, but is not the only way to immerse you in the scent oasis. Unique entertainment is also blossom therapy intended for balancing your emotions. After a nice chat with a specialist in a comfortable environment, the suitable essence is identified. After the individual interview, a 30 ml bottle of plant blossom essence is made individually and can protect against impatience, mistrust, jealousy, aggression, criticality or fear. Expand your knowledge and encourage your spiritual growth!

Main features:

  • duration varies, one class usually lasts 1.5 hours;

  • available throughout the year;

  • all necessary means are provided;

  • the service may be provided for a certain number of group members;

  • pre-registration is required.