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Nightless Night Bear Watching in Kuusamo

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Spend a memorable and exciting whole evening and night following bears, eagles and many other animals in the middle of their authentic habitat!

The gift includes an overnight excursion that starts at 6 pm and ends the next morning at around 8-9 am. During the trip, you can get to know the wonderful big beasts of Finnish nature and the life of the taiga forest safely from the shelter of the observation building. Animals can also be photographed and the stalls are equipped with professional photography in mind. You can also take excellent pictures with a mobile phone, especially of bears. The guides are professionals in nature photography and are happy to advise on photography and tell about the animals in the forest. The sun of a nightless night gives wonderful lights for photography and you can see nocturnal animals in addition to bears.

The trip is easy in terms of requirements and is suitable for almost everyone. We walk to the hideouts led by a guide through the forest for approx. 350m along an easy path and come back on our own in the morning after the excursion. Dry toilets can be found near the observation buildings, which can be used during the excursion. For overnight viewers, there are a total of 4 beds in the stalls, where you can take a nap during the night if necessary.

You can bring your own food to the stalls (but not alcoholic beverages) or buy drinks and snacks on site. The stalls have a gas stove that can be used to heat food and water. Bears, sea eagles, ravens and many other birds visit the place every night. The luckiest can also see rarities, such as a wolverine or a peregrine falcon. Golden eagle, fox, wolf, elk and many other birds of prey also visit the place. After mid-June, mother bears with cubs have also visited the place in many years.

The offer includes :
  • Nightless Night Bear Watching in Kuusamo;
  • Spend a memorable and exciting whole evening and night watching bears, eagles and many other animals in the middle of their authentic habitat!;
  • The gift includes an overnight trip that starts at 6 pm and ends the next morning at approx. 8-9 am;


- 14-16 hours, you can leave on your own when you want.

- Clothing according to the weather. Viewing takes place inside the buildings, but summer evenings can be cool in the north, so it might be a good idea to bring an extra jacket. The building has a gas heater that can be used in colder weather. During the night, it must be turned off for safety reasons.

- The animals visit the place regardless of the weather conditions.

- The recommended age limit for children is 10 years. Avoid using strong perfumes and mosquito repellents when you come to the stall. The bears are fed fish and if you are seriously allergic to fish, please let us know when you book the trip. Smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited at the stalls. You can reserve your own sleeping bag for an overnight trip or let us know if you need a loan.

- The reservation can be transferred to another day free of charge, cancellations no later than 5 days before the excursion.

Data sheet
Address: Kuntivaarantie 118, 93800 Kuusamo
Duration: 14-16 tuntia
Persons: 1
Clothes: Weather proof clothing, long trousers and closed shoes
Gift voucher validity: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: April 1 - October 31, Warm season
Validity of accomondation: Valid on weekends as well
Country: Finland
Region Finland: North Ostrobothnia
Cities in Finland: Kuusamo
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
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190,00 €

Service supplier:
Taiga Bear Kuusamo Oy
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