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There are 4 products.
  • 39,00 €

    In homestead "Karpynė" fishermen will be able not only rest, but have an opportunity to catch a great fish. Hopefully you can catch up to 18 kg weighing fish. You can take up to 8 kg of fish, and if you wish up to 2 kg will be prepared or smoked. It is allowed to take an extra person, however, he will not be allowed to fish.

    39 - 45 €

    Karpynė Raseiniai person time Pasirinkta trukmė
  • 89,50 € 108,00 € -17%

    Run away from the buzz of the city to relax in the rural tourism homestead "Karpynė", where you can enjoy each other, stare at romantic views through the window, walk the winding paths around the homestead and look at the dancing carps in ponds.The cozy restaurant and the courteous and attentive service will leave pleasant memories in Your mind. With this...

    89,50 € 108,00 € -17%

    Karpynė Raseiniai person time 1
  • 75,00 €

    In homestead "Karpynė" fishermen will be able to not only rest, but have the opportunity to catch a great fish. Hopefully you can catch up to 18 kg weighing fish. You can pick up to 16 kg of fish, and even up to 4 kg will be prepared or smoked, if you wish.

    75 - 85 €

    Karpynė Raseiniai person time Pasirinkta trukmė
  • 110,00 €

    "Party Cruiser" invites you to enjoy the sun, wind and pleasant water spray. Kaunas lagoon is very rich in fish. Fishermen often catch here sazan and wonderful catfish. To make fishing effective, there is possibility to leave early in the morning. During the fun time, you may fish with any selected lagoon place, because ship does not have a keel. Spend a...

    110,00 €

    Party cruiser Kaunas person time 2 hours

Looking for a gift for a fisherman? Recreational fishing is a wonderful opportunity for fishing enthusiasts to relax, leave their routine behind, and actively spend time in nature. In a wide selection, you can choose from sea fishing, fishing at a homestead, ice-fishing, and many other wonderful offers.

Learn how to catch a fish or just spend some wonderful time by a water body in nature! Fishing of salmons, cod, pikes or carp can turn into a delicious feast since you can take the caught fish with you.

It does not matter if you have been fishing for all your life or this is your first adventure, during fishing in the sea the guide will provide you with all the required knowledge.

Plan a neat free-time activity for yourself or your friends:

  • You can choose a fishing offer for one person or for a group of people. You decide on the number of participants.

  • You can select from half-day fishing or a fishing trip with an overnight stay. Fishing without an overnight stay can last up to 8 hours.

Fishing can be a wonderful activity both while being alone and wanting to spend some quality time with your friends. If you are looking for original ways to spend your free time, a gift of fishing is one of the best-suited choices.

Important information:

  • The date, duration, and number of participants depend on your selected offer.

  • All needed equipment is provided.

  • The amount of caught fish can be limited based on fish species and weight.

Are you still wondering if this gift will please its receiver? Then stop worrying, as the gift coupon of fishing will be enjoyed by every fisherman and those that like to spend their time in a meaningful and feel-good manner. Add some new experiences to your and your friends’ relaxation!